Mr. Subroto Basu

- 48 years / Male , West Bengal , India
Name of Disease(s): Parkinsonism
Consultation Type: E- Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 8 Months

I was suffering with essential tremors of extremities since 5 years and was diagnosed as Parkinsonism a year ago. It was too much irritating for me as I had taken all sorts of treatment without relief, but my disease was progressing day by day. Recently I consulted Dr. Krutik Shah who started my homoeopathic medicine. Within 30 days of treatment, I started feeling better and my tremor reduced up to 80% almost like a miracle in 6 months of time. Thanks a lot Dr! I must say that they spend a lot of time during consultation, so that they can treat in the best way and so only the miracle could happen here!

Mrs. Madhulika Basu

- 56 years / Female , West Bengal , India
Name of Disease(s): Sleeplessness, Cracking of Heels, Constipation, Chronic Headache
Consultation Type: OPD Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 8 Months

I was the hopeless person who was suffering from too many chronic complaints in one body like sleeplessness, cracking of heels, constipation, headache etc. in-spite of taking thousands & thousands of rupees medication for it but never got rid of it before I met Dr. Krutik Shah here in Gujarat. I feel myself very fortunate to get treatment from him as within 8 months of his homeopathic treatment; I am so very much relieved in all my complaints. I am now very much convinced with the logo of the hospital "Homoeopathy " Hope for Hopeless & Help for the Helpless". I must say "discipline & punctuality is the signature in this hospital."

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Homeopathy is the Hope for Hopeless and Help for Helpless

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