Mrs. Dipali Shah

- 41 years / Female , Brisbane , Australia
Name of Disease(s): Pterygium, Chronic Coryza, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 11 Months

I had suffered from lots of physical complaints like blurred vision & Tremor in my right hand; made me enable to do my work properly due to these problems and may need someone's support to do my routine work. Along with that, I had Coryza since so many years on & off. As a last hope, I took chance with Homoeopathy and thanks to Dr. Krutik Shah who convinced me to take his medicines and from that time onwards, my first choice would be Homoeopathy because I have felt the drastic changes in my health by Homeopathic medicines given by Dr. Krutik Shah

Mrs. Revaben Patel

- 54 years / Female , Brisbane , Australia
Name of Disease(s): Prolapsed Intervertebral disc (PIVD) & Right Leg Sciatica
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 9 Months

Initially I was never worried about my life but at the age of 54, I had sudden pain in my back with a sharp pain in my right leg which was diagnosed as disc prolapsed & right leg sciatica by physician here in Australia having examined in emergency. At that time I suddenly went into deep despair as I was been told that there was no permanent cure of this problem & I had to take pain killer medicines whenever needed + physiotherapy regularly to be followed. As I was aware about the side effects of pain killer medicines, I wanted to have a permanent solution for this problem anyhow. As a ray of light in the darkness, I met Dr. Krutik Shah and his team and I realized that, if there is anything which can help me, will be the only HOMEOPATHY. After 8 months of treatment from Dr. Shah, I am very much better, totally symptom free & living my normal life now! Thanks to all of them

Mrs. Tarulataben Patel

- 48 years / Female , Sydney , Australia
Name of Disease(s): Snoring & Sleep Apnea
Consultation Type: OPD Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 12 Months

I had suffered a lot as I was not able to sleep peacefully because my problem of Sleep Apnea. This problem was not having any permanent cure as per the view of my family physician in Australia which made me very anxious about my complaint, but after meeting Dr. Krutik Shah - I gave up my all worries having treated with Homeopathy successfully. Thank you so very much to Homeopathy

Mr. Pritenbhai Patel

- 35 years / Male , Melbourne , Australia
Name of Disease(s): Nasal Polyp & Sinusitis
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 12 Months

I was suffering from constant colds, sneezing which were getting worsen from dust, pollen, A.C. etc. It was diagnosed as hay fever initially, but I was responding to allopathic treatment temporarily and finally CT scan reports revealed that I am suffering Nasal polyps & Sinusitis, eventually surgery was advised. I refused to surgery and started Dr. Krutik Shah's homoeopathic treatment and with great surprise, I rescued from surgery and now enjoying my very healthy life with blessings of homoeopathy

Mrs. Ishani Shah

- 35 years / Female , Melbourne , Australia
Name of Disease(s): Sinusitis and Nasal Polyps
Consultation Type: OPD Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 7 Months

I had a problem of recurrent sneezing & chronic sinusitis since long. Having developed Nasal polyps again even though being operated almost six years ago, I didn't want to take allopathic medicines again because I haven't been helped permanently. So I approached Dr. Krutik Shah for my problems & I am 80% better with his treatment in just 6 months duration & my nasal polyp second surgery is also been avoided successfully. Thank you Dr. Shah and his team!

Mrs. Mayuri Patel

- 35 years / Female , NewSydney , Australia
Name of Disease(s): Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Stress & Uterine Prolapse
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 7 Months

Because of perpetual stresses of my life, I developed Asthma which was increasing steadily & had been advised by my local doctor that I need to take inhalers / pumps for the lifetime which I was not ready to take it. I was also having recurrent urine infections where my gynecologist advised surgery as it was uterine prolapse and I was suffering too much because of it. Then I stated treatment from Dr. Krutik Shah & after taking medicines from him, my asthma is almost cured with relief in my stress up to 70% and I didn't have any urine infection since then. It's all because of Dr. Shah and his team

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