Fundamental difference between Homeopathy & Allopathy for Disease and Health

Allopathic Science took the “Concept of Reductionism i.e. Division of the whole body in to various systems” whereby we see different specialist in the field of Modern Medicine like Gynecologist, Cardiologist, Ophthalmologist, Gastroenterologist, Dermatologist, Pulmonologist, Neurologist, & so on.

While Homeopathy took the “Concept of Wholism – Man as a whole! As body is made up from one cell; whatever symptoms appear on different parts of the body are scientifically interconnected.” Mind & Body are the one and inseparable entities of a human being. This is the main reason why homeopathy science has no specialists of different systems of the body and for treatment perspective, every homeopath will consider the whole person having a disease & not, only the disease in a person.

Using different perspectives & fundamentals in the field of health care - All the sciences have taken birth on the earth with the single motive, “to relieve the sufferings in humanity” but it is equally true that no science is complete. Therefore, “Instead of changing the doctors, one should change the science too!”

It is a medically proven fact that “Whether a patient has Cancer or Coryza – Greater is the immunity, better are the Chances of Recovery!” Because Correct Homeopathic medicine greatly boosts up the immunity of a patient to fight against the disease(s) - “Homeopathy is the Hope for Hopeless & Help for Helpless.”

Jai Hahnemann. Jai Homeopathy.