Delegates Feedback from Dr. Kent’s Homoeopathic Philosophy Clinical Workshop 2015

Dr. N. B. Desai, Ankleshwar: It’s my honor to attend your reliable guidelines and seminars in this workshop. I came to know my duties as a physician and also got your successful cases discussion. I hope you will give us more and more opportunities for increasing our knowledge regarding Homeopathy.

Dr. P. A. Chauhan, Baroda: All the days of the workshop were the best days of my career. Sir, Thank you so much for giving this much to us. We are lucky that we are here. Now, personally I am confirmed that I want to do Homeopathy. Thanks for giving guidance and please continue this in coming years. I want to learn more & more from you sir.

Dr. R. R. Ladhani, Anand: Sir, it is new approch to learn the basic of Homeopathy in our Gujarati Language. The way you teach, induce thinking and clear the concept, is what I like the most.

Dr. U. S. Sheladiya, Rajkot: Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy, Academic division done by Sai Homeopathic Hospital is over all a good job for enthusiasts like us. Kent’s Workshop is the best series of seminars; I have ever attended in my career.

Dr. Hari, Ahmedabad: It is very good learning for practitioner. We knew Dr. Kent was one of the greatest Homeopath but we witnessed depth of his knowledge written in his philosophy book through you as we haven’t read this book in so much detail as much as you had. Thank You.

Dr. Rathod, Ahmedbad: Thanks for this Kent’s Homeopathic Workshop and a series of really inspiring seminars to boost our confidence for Homeopathic practice.

Dr. V. V. Narola, Surat: Great Teaching sir, Thanks to you for teaching us. You have cleared most of my doubts through this workshop. I actually need a homoeopath’s guidance and you are a right person for me.

Dr. S. C. Kimoth, Baroda : Very much Desirable Initiative. This series can Improve our result by Homeopathy by a very good extent.

Dr. Sakenia, Baroda: Thank you sir for giving us such a nice information. It’s very useful for me for my practice... 

Dr. M. A. Abada, Amreli: Great work done by you sir and by your team of Homeopathic Hospital. Excellent job. It’s is very useful for all students.

Dr. D. R. Parmar, Anjar: Today I can say that I have learnt actual Homeopathy now. One of the most wonderful seminar series of my life.

Dr. J. J. Shah, Godhra: It was a good workshop & seminar sessions. It was very useful, practical point of view for my homeopathic practice.

Dr. P. S. Raval, Mandvi:  There are so many doubts which were cleared in these seminars. Jai Hahnemann. Jai Homeopathy. Jai JT Kent!! Thank you for everything Sir.

DR. C. J. Makvana, Bardoa:  Confidence increased for Homeopathy through this workshop.

Dr. J. J. Shah, Baroda: Special Sundays of my career. Many doubts got cleared. Happily enjoyed. So much happy for getting back on the right track for homeopathic education.

Dr. M. A. Abada, Junagadh: Including all, but especially the last was the best seminar & will be the most memorable one in my life. “Jay Hahnemann, Jay Homeopathy.”

Dr. R. P. Solanki, Anand: I got inspiration from Kent’s Workshop especially on today’s last seminar to practice & live for Homeopathy. Thank You for everything!!

Dr. J. V. Aniyaliya, Rajkot: Kent’s Workshop & all the seminars was so good. I want become like you.

Dr. A. D. Vejapara, Dhangdhra: This Sunday was the best for me, fully enjoyed with best homoeopath. Thanks to Krutik sir and team to arrange this workshop.

Dr. P. S. Raval, Surat: Wonderful time & well spent in this Samuel Hahnemann hall through this Kent’s Workshop and all these were very knowledgeable days for me.

Dr. U. S. Sheladiya, Bhavnagar: I am so happy to attain this Kent’s workshop & its seminar series and I have gained so much knowledge from this.

Dr. Z. S. Patel, Vadodara: Learned a lot from this Workshop. Looking forward for further upcoming seminars & workshops.