Delegates Feedback from Clinical Materia Medica Seminar Series 2015

Dr. R. R. Ladhani, Anand: A perfect way of learning the subject; especially the thing which was lacking was – “the evolution of remedy” which I understood here.  Thank you sir.

Dr. K. G. Agrawal, Modasa: This session gave me the correct way to study the remedy and create its real picture without mixing with other remedy.  Now, I am confident especially in these 35 medicines to prescribe without any confusion. Thank you sir.

Dr. J. V. Raval, Gandhinagar: By this seminar I learned the medicine by its root.  I learned that all symptoms if produces, they have a reason.  I want to learn all medicines like this.  Sir, can we watch the videos of patient who are prescribed that peculiar medicine?

Dr. A. C. Sheth, Modasa: If possible show recorded classical cases of any remedy, along with discussion. I understood the reason of produced symptoms - why? & How? And its connection with the personality especially your examples giving Character of heroes in the movies, are the very useful way to remember remedies. Want to learn more from you.

Dr. A. A. Patel, Baroda: Today’s Materia Medica seminar was very useful to me and feel fortunate that I attended this seminar. Now I know how to read and learn Materia Medica.  Your logical knowledge related to Materia Medica is too good.  I will wish to attend more and more seminars like these.

Dr. R. G. Dhanesha, Balasinor: It was beautiful experience to learn Materia Medica in this way. I think if every student can get this type of knowledge of Materia Medica than no one will think to do allopathic practice!!

Dr. N. B. Desai, Rajula: I enjoyed this seminar series. Materia Medica point of view your teaching is fabulous. Want to learn many more medicines.  Thank you for your guidance sir.

Dr. R. N. Patel, Bhavnagar: Your lectures are very informative for Materia Medica because it gives a clear picture of medicine so when we see the patient, we clearly say that this is the indicated medicine and by Organon, we can understand that what should we do next in the case.

Dr. S. U. Rathod, Anand: Through this workshop we properly understood the cause of symptoms and we want more Workshop for more Materia Medica.

Dr. A. D. Dodiya, Rajkot: Thank you sir, this seminar series of Materia Medica is very helpful in practice, so once again thank you so much.

Dr. A. A. Kadiya, Amreli: It is an enjoyment to study Materia Medica like this.  There is no need to study again and again.

Dr. A. G. Savani, Himmatnagar: I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar series and got clear idea about these remedies which was never understood before.  I also want to learn every remedy in this way if possible, thank you sir.

Dr. Bhavsar, Khedbhrmha: Best way to learn medicine. Sir, we request you to teach more medicines of Materia Medica, just the core of the medicines.

Dr. H. A. Patel, Bhiloda: Nice experience. The way of teaching is good. Learning organon was good experience but Materia Medica was equally a nice experience.

Dr. P. A. Chauhan, Valsad: We need you as a guide. Please do workshop on Materia Medica also again. Thank you sir.

Dr. F. N. Patel, Ahmedabad: I really enjoyed with true understanding.  Thanks for this & I hope we will be successful with true understanding and knowledge.

Dr. S. N. Gamit, Godhra: I really like this system of learning Materia Medica.  It is like something which makes me to do even better.

Dr. B. M. Vaishnav, Jamnagar: Today, in this seminar series of Materia Medica, I have learned all the fundas of this remedy and how to learn  the Materia Medica.

Dr. S. R. Patel, Anand: Sir, thank you so much for teaching Materia Medica in this way.  Sir please start the Materia Medica workshop again with different set of remedies.

Dr. J. C. Patel, Anand: Thank you sir for arranging the lectures of Materia Medica.  I understood the drug in a proper way and can remember now easily.

Dr. Panwala, Vadodara: The way you teach Materia Medica is outstanding.  It is the best way to understand Materia Medica.

Dr. M. H. Patel, Vadodara: The way of teaching is very good.  Can’t explain experience in words.

Dr. P. S. Raval, Surat: These 35 medicines are clearly understood, now there is no need to read again and again. Wonderful days for me. Thank you sir.

Dr. J. V. Trivedi, Surat: Only after these seminars from you, I could take interest in Materia Medica otherwise everything used to get totally mixed up with me. I would love to attend more workshop on any different subjects of Homeopathy.

Dr. S. B. Jadeja, Surendranagar: Sir, it was nice seminar and we get 80 - 90% learning of medicines of Materia Medica.

Dr. Rajvat, Anand: This Materia Medica lecture series was really interesting for me and I learnt how to read Materia Medica properly and I understood all the drugs properly you have taught to us and I will never forget it.

Dr. K. H. Patel, Anand: It is a very good experience to learn remedy.

Dr. D. R. Parmar, Anklav: Wonderful experience. Now knowing actual Materia Medica. Will never forget these remedies.

Dr. S. J. Joshi, Bhuj:  Please, Do more workshop like this and please show us videos of patients in order to learn Homeopathy in a better way!

Dr. R. J. Vagani, Vyara: The method of teaching is very good so we can learn Materia Medica easily.

Dr. N. D. Vasava, Bhalej: It is all over good and informative knowledge about Materia Medica.

Dr. Sharma, Kalol: Got about the root cause of remedy.

Dr. Vaghela, Ahmedabad: It was definitely a good session. I am satisfied as my curiosity has been justified by Krutik sir. He has outstanding knowledge regarding remedies.

Dr. Solanki, Anand: It is a very good experience to learn remedies and in this Materia Medica seminar series, I have completely understood these remedies.

Dr. J. K. Soni, Godhra: It was a nice seminar of Materia Medica.  Sir, I wish that if you take more drugs in another workshop combined with cases, like your clinical Organon Workshop, we will be lucky to attend those lectures.

Dr. F. K. Gami, Anand: Good experience, I have learnt now how to remember Materia Medica.

Dr. A. R. Bhaliya, Bamroli: It was a great experience. I like the way you teach.  Thank you for your precious time.

Dr. M. D. Parmar, Anand: By this seminar, I understood how to learn Materia Medica and drugs.

Dr. C. P. Fateniya, Ankleshwar: By this seminar, I learned how to learn medicine.  Wonderful experience.

Dr. S. S. Pansariya, Surat: This seminar is interesting and I understood how to learn Materia Medica.

Dr. Mishra, Ahmedabad: Wonderful description of medicine and want to learn more medicine like this.

Dr. D. P. Sakariya, Mehsana: Thanks for giving such a beautiful understanding about different remedies of our Materia Medica.

Dr. V. S. Mori, Anand: Thank you sir, this is much helpful teaching and the discussion after the remedies is very much good and also informative for us.

Dr. R. K. Korat, Anand: It was good seminar. It was full of important information which will help in the clinical and practical application.  Want to learn more and more medicines like this from you.  Thank you, sir.

Dr. Lathiya, Anand: This lecture was very important to us. So, thank you sir for making clear picture of different medicines and now I want to know more medicines. Thank you sir.

Dr. J. J. Shah, Baroda: Today’s workshop was awesome.  Awesome experience of understanding symptoms of medicine.   

Dr. J. P. Raval, Himmatnagar: I attended Today’s seminar & the lectures were satisfactory and understandable. I am now continuing with Materia Medica Seminar Series too.

Dr. P. A. Chauhan, Dhangdhra: Thank you so much sir for such easy explanation. It’s really very easy to learn Materia Medica with your guidance.

Dr. S. R. Patel, Anand:  Sir, please start the more Materia Medica tutorial classes with another set of remedies as Materia Medica taught by you is a real Materia Medica.

Dr. N. D. Vasava, Baroda: It is very good seminar. The knowledge about Materia is so much useful in the practice.

Dr. A. A. Kakadiya, Rajkot: Remedies of Materia Medica seminar series taught by you can’t be forgotten.

Dr. Raval, Anand: Materia Medica lectures are good.  By this we can understand the core of remedy.  I want to understand more medicines.

Dr. Jadeja, Junagadh: Nice and more knowledgeable MM series seminar than last MM series seminar. If Materia Medica sessions are conducted in the way organized today, then it will be more helpful.  Sir, teach a remedy and if you can show a case of the same remedy witnessing an improvement than we will get much more clarification.

Dr. Panwala, Surat: It was very interesting to learn Materia Medica with this new concept you are adopting to teach us the remedies. Literally I can remember all the medicines very well in the same way what was for Organon Workshop to me.

Dr. N. B. Desai, Anand: I learned many information and precautions; also about how actually the medicine works in this session. Day by day my doubts were getting cleared.  I want to learn more remedies of Materia Medica from you sir.

Dr. D. K. Parmar, Anklav: Nice and wonderful experience in my life to attend Materia Medica Seminar Series. Thank you sir.

Dr. R. R. Ladhani, Anand: Sir, Learning Materia Medica was interesting.  Usually one medicine per hour in lecture saturates me but here even at the end of Materia Medica seminar series; I wanted it to get continued.  Thank you.

Dr. Makvana, Anand: Please arrange Materia Medica workshop again. Every session was a new learning for me. Today whaterever l knew in Materia Medica is due to you. I want to know & learn more remedies from you.  Thank you sir.

Dr. P. A. Chauhan, Anand: It was good experience of Materia Medica.  First time anyone taught Materia like this. Thank you sir. I can say, this is the best way and sir please go for Materia Medica sessions again if possible.

Dr. V. V. Narola, Anand: I want to learn more remedies from you like what I have learned so far.  I enjoyed Materia more than Organon lectures.

Dr. V. S. Ambaliya, Anand: Thank you sir. This seminar cleared so many doubts today. Please start Materia sessions again with a new list of remedies.

Dr. S. R. Patel, Anand: Sir, Please start the workshop for Materia Medica again, first time I feel that have learnt Materia Medica in the right way. Thank you, sir.

Dr. U. S. Sheladiya, Anand:  Please start Materia Medica workshop again with different remedies. Thank you for everything sir.

Dr. A. C. Sheth, Anand: Many doubts regarding clinical confusions have been answered satisfactorily which were avoided – and were not explained in college, specially. The pictures of drugs were completely practical, learned various stages of life of particular drug.

Dr.  P. J.  Andani, Anjar: It was a good experience to learn drugs with very basic understanding.

Dr.  R. Barad, Anand: Thank you sir for teaching Materia Medica as the subject which was never taught properly.

Dr. Mishra, Anand: All the sessions were fantastic. If I say about Materia Medica Seminar series, sir’s expressions in teaching remedies is so very good & the image was live before our eyes. So, I strongly recommend to start Materia sessions again.  So that we can learn more practical Materia Medica.

Dr. J. V. Trivedi, Surat: Loved the medicinal lectures more than the Organon sessions because I have always been bored while reading these medicines but loved the way of learning medicines this time and I would love to attend something more related to Materia Medica again and again in future.

Dr.  N. Joshi, Bhavnagar: Materia Medica Clinical Workshop was really a good one.  Totally satisfied.  Keep arranging more such workshops on different topics of homeopathy & waiting to attend another Materia Medica workhop with a different set of remedies.