Delegates Feedback from Homeopathy – Hope for Hopeless & Help for Helpless Course 2015 - 2016

Dr. Bhatt K, Anand: Actually from here only, I entered in the world of homeopathy. I got the ideas about what actual homeopathy is! I am really thankful to Dr. Krutik Shah for the same. I am feeling proud to be a part of this institution & “Proud to be a Homeopath”.

Dr. Patel A, Ankleshwar: It was really a very good learning. I came to know the actual MEANING OF “Homeopathy” from here. I am really thankful to Dr. Krutik Shah for such a wonderful teaching & wish him best of luck to continue the journey of spreading homeopathy.

Dr. Panseriya A, Surat: Before coming here – I was in search for the center where I can have the real learning in homeopathy as we don’t get it from the college & luckily, I found the center and from the teachings of Dr. Krutik Shah here – I can say that I got even more than what I had wanted for! I had witnessed miracles happening in difficult cases through Homeopathy which I had not witnessed from any other doctor before I came here.
I am practicing homeopathy successfully since 2 years only with the base of the experience & learning I gained here. I believe I am very lucky and thankful to Dr. Krutik Shah for the same.

Dr. Patel Z, Ankleshwar: Course for me is like showing the light in darkness and provides strong will to timidity, negativity to positivity in this era of misinformation and for this we should thank Dr. Krutik Shah for the teachings!

Dr. Dholiya T, Surat: Whatever Homeopathy I learnt is only from this course. I became very clear regarding case taking with its management in follow ups. Learning Materia Medica from him is like unseen and unheard before! Case seen at the hospital is like an experience of lifetime. I would like to thank Dr. Krutik Shah as I became efficient in practice only after this course.

Dr. Patel P, Unjha: After doing a course from Dr. Krutik Shah at the Center – I feel like, His words are like flowing pearls, His vision for the future with homeopathy is unbeatable. His knowledge of converting his understanding of the patient into Rubrics is unique. His passion for homeopathy is quite appreciable and words fall less in describing it. Excellent Course!

Dr. Patel P, Kolkata: After the college - I felt I was in a “no means world” without sufficient knowledge about Homeopathy. After joining here true belief for Homeopathy with all applications of Organon in our day to day practice is seen here with total picture of Materia Medica in the cases. Confidence level is increased to a very great extent.

Dr. Patel K, Petlad: Actually I did not got real knowledge about Homeopathy during my college life due to lack of real teacher. But when I joined the center – I really felt that homeopathy is so easy to learn and to apply with knowledge of Organon and Materia Medica. I firmly believed that our homeopathy has the ability to cure the diseases in what we know as “real way of cure”.

Dr. Aacharya T, Rajkot: For a Homeopathic child like me - Center is mixture of motherly care, fatherly protection and guidance of a master. It has multiplied my knowledge, divided confusion, subtracted my myths and doubts and added needed confidence in Homeopathy. It was a really building and developing, Experience to work and learn in center under the roof of Dr. Krutik shah.

Dr. Joshi V, Junagadh: When any new seed wants to grow – At that time, it needs soil, water, fertilizer & environment where it can grow fully. If any of it them not available, then one cannot. Like that, New beginner Homeopath – If they find proper guidance which I got from here -then success of Homeopathy & the Homeopathy itself is not so far!

Dr. Lokwani P, Ahmedabad: Actually after coming to Anand I was a little Charmed seeing Sai Homeopathic Hospital. As we have homeopathic clinics and rarely hospitals. From that very moment - I decided to join this centre enthusiastically; hoping the best to be learned about classical Homeopathy and with Gods will my wish came true. The expectations I had from this Center proved to be Correct. My knowledge about Homeopathy is truly polished after joining Dr Shah’s Center.

Dr. Damor A, Modasa: We learnt “Clinical Homeopathy” from the course & we are happy to be a part of the hospital for the divine mission of healing the sick. We really wish that Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital & Samuel Hahnemann Center should develop to an extent that it will become a real source of learning for the enthusiastic homeopaths of the fraternity.

Dr. Patel N, Modasa: Before attending the course – I was doubtful about the scopes of Homeopathy but now after attending the course - I am doubtful about the limitations of Homeopathy. This course has changed my vision for Homeopathy & I believe it is a must for all!

Dr. Patel D, Surat: I really feel that my birth as a Homeopath has taken place here after the course. I really feel that Dr. Krutik Shah’s guidelines proved to be an invaluable source for the development of my career. His dedication & inspiration as a respectable guru, is a source of tremendous energy which I receive to go brighter, higher & stronger in my mission of healing the sick!

Dr. Shah R, Anand: Many students like me after attending the teachings of Dr. Krutik Shah, have envisioned international homeopathic standards by clinging on his shoulders. He has provided the roof for all the thirsty homeopathic students and quenched their homeopathic thirst. A Course is must for all the homeopaths in order to be Hahnemannian Homeopaths!

Dr. Pandya R, Modasa: From Samuel Hahnemann Center for Clinical Training & Homeopathic Research – I leant what homeopathy is all about & how to apply the same in practice. I am heartily thankful to Dr. Krutik Shah Sir for teaching all about “Real Homeopathy” and I am proud to be a part this institute.