Delegates Feedback from Kaun Banega Homeopath (KBH)- 2016

Dr. P. S. Zinzuvadia, Surat: thank you so much, Dr. Krutik for giving us direction in our career. Thanks for inspiring us. I am feeling PROUD and LUCKY to listen you for hours without getting bored. Just like you, I want to become a student of TRUTH and practice homeopathy for rest of my life.

Dr. M. Kalab, Dahod: The KBH seminar was amazing. I got to know that how I can practice homeopathy and which path is to be selected for my life & career. Your knowledge is amazing and thank you for seminar. I really wish to learn homeopathy from you.

Dr. J. Jamtani, Surat: Sir, what to say, you have always been an inspiration to me. You have changed my concept for homeopathy. Whenever I hear word HOMEOPATH, I remember just one name - DR. KRUTIK SHAH. Thank you so much sir.

Dr. S. K. Sordava, Bhavnagar: Thank you for the excellent seminar. I am now clear that I will practice Homeopathy. I want to learn more from you & wish to attend many more of such seminars of yours. Thank you.

Dr. K. Agrawal, Ahmedabad: This seminar cleared many misunderstanding regarding homeopathy and helped me to climb one step above in progress stair of Homeopathy. Thanks a lot. I hope we will get such seminars again and again.

Dr. D. Vadaliya, Anand: Got inspired about homeopathic practice. And thank you for giving idea about scope for married females in practicing homeopathy. Loved it!!

Dr. A. M. Parmar, Anand: It was a very good seminar. It will help us in future for practicing Homeopathy. Thank you for arranging this seminar and giving us positive thoughts about homeopathy.

Dr. L. Zala, Vidyanagar: It is first time in my life I have attended seminar on homeopathy as I was clear to do allopathic practice, but now I will have to think about it and also, I have really enjoyed it.

Dr. K. Kakadiya: I have never attended such seminar in my life. The seminar reflected the reality of homeopathy. After attending this seminar, I feel I will become a good homeopath one day.

Dr. S. Rathod, Anand: Really inspirational KBH seminar for the people who want to practice homeopathy in a pure way. We want such type of seminar again and again.

Dr. K. H. Shukla, Bhuj: Such a great experience. Sir, we learnt so much and I liked the seminar so much, great way of learning homeopathy, Thank you sir.

Dr. U. N. Khatri, Surat: I want to attend more seminars like this. Please conduct such seminars on and off as it gives a lot of inspiration to us towards Homeopathy.

Dr. D. A. Thakkar, Baroda: Thank you for the seminar. In future, I would like to know more about monopharmacy and classical homeopathy in depth and also about selection of remedy after case taking. Eagerly willing to join your Kent or Hahnemann Batch!

Dr. S. D. Viradiya, Savarkundala: After attending the seminar, I felt that I want to do classical homeopathy. Inspirational Seminar especially for a females like us who wishes to practice Homeopathy after marriage...

Dr. M. M. Hirpara, Aanklav: I liked very much your KBH seminar and many confusions were cleared.

Dr. N. Vasani, Surat: I liked the seminar so much. Your teaching style is so good and I hope you will continue taking such kind of seminars regularly.

Dr. S. V. Viradiya, Amreli: I got inspired by the seminar. I was even afraid to think about practicing homeopathy. The way you have explained a few remedies in a few minutes time with such a logical reasons, I never perceived the medicine in this way & we wish to learn more Materia Medica from you. Thank you for showing us the way to the success with practicing Homeopathy.

Dr. R. R. Rathod, Dahod: Thank you sir. You made us aware regarding common mistakes made by young homeopaths through this seminar. Inspirational Sir!!

Dr. C. V. Kotecha, Ahmedabad: Thank you sir for giving us great knowledge in this KBH Seminar and making us aware about the reasons of failure during practice.

Dr. K. G. Kothiya, Ahmedabad: Thank you very much sir for the enthusiastic seminar & giving very valuable information about future problems in practice.

Dr. G. Prajapati, Ankleshwar: Thank you for the seminar, I liked it very much.

Dr. N. K. Pansuriya, Surat: Thank you very much sir. I enjoyed the lecture very much & it was very much interesting.

Dr. F. Hathila, Dahod: Thank you sir for giving this fantastic seminar. I am very lucky to attend it. Really Happy about it.

Dr. A. J. Makwana, Anjar: I attended your KBH seminar for the first time and it was a great experience . I want to learn many more things from you.

Dr. A. L. Hadiya, Vapi: Thank you so much sir. After attending the KBH seminar, I got the ideas about how to improve myself for practicing homeopathy.

Dr. J. T. Jaiswal, Baroda: Superb lecture I have ever attended here in KBH. Understanding got cleared in very easy and smooth way.

Dr. S. Sudani, Bhavnagar: Wonderful seminar. Got finished very soon L.

Dr. K. M. Goswami, Vidyanagar: Got the real knowledge of Materia Medica with logic and reasons. Really happy as all my questions were answered satisfactorily.

Dr. K. Dobariya: Thank you sir for making us aware about common mistakes unknowingly made by us during homeopathic practice though KBH. Great one!

Dr. C. M. Parmar, Anand: Today’s KBH Seminar, the topic - “Causes of Failure in Homeopathic Practice” was very helpful. I want to learn many more remedies from you.

Dr. R. K. Kotadiya, Bhuj: I got inspired and motivated about Homeopathic practice by this KBH seminar in a real way.

Dr. D. P. Vaghasiya: Thank you for inspiring us sir through KBH seminar. After this seminar, I developed more faith for homeopathy. Thank you once again.

Dr. T. Boghani : Very good seminar sir. You are an inspiration to all students who want to learn homeopathy. Thank you so much for arranging such a wonderful seminar.

Dr. A. A. Patel, Anand: It was overall an excellent seminar. Our fundas got cleared regarding homeopathic practice.

Dr. D. K. Sakariya, Rajkot: Lots of thanks to sir, for sharing your experience regarding homeopathic practice. Leaned a lot from this seminar.

Dr. R. B. Parmar, Junagadh: Thank you so much sir for giving knowledge about the most sensitive subject of our career through KBH. Inspired a lot from you!

Dr. B. M. Vaishnav, Anjar: It was a very good seminar. We got the answers of many queries that too in a simple language. Thank you sir.

Dr. A. Dodia, Nadiad: This seminar was very helpful to us for future planning of Homeopathic practice. Thank you sir for inspiring us.

Dr. S. R. Parmar, Ahmedabad: It was very fantastic seminar. You are an inspiration to all of us in field of Homeopathy. Thank you.

Dr. A. B. Desai, Amreli: Greatly inspired by the seminar. Sir, you are a great teacher and homeopath too.

Dr. N. P. Parmar, Anklav: Thank you for arranging the seminar. I learned a lot & I am sure it will help us a lot.

Dr. K. S. Patel: It was a very good seminar. It made me understand the difference between homeopathic and allopathic practice. Thoroughly satisfied.

Dr. K. D. Vaghela, Petlad: It was a fantastic seminar. I got inspired about Homeopathic practice. You are a true teacher of Homeopathy!!

Dr. N. U. Yadav, Anand: Very inspiring. Thank you.

Dr. K. D. Pethani, Bhuj: Seminar inspired me to practice homeopathy. It gave me a ray of light for my career which was really amongst chaos & confusion. Thank you sir.

Dr. H. Kalsariya, Amreli: Inspired about practicing homeopathy.

Dr. T. Vasiyani, Rajkot: Got inspired about practicing homeopathy in future.

Dr. J. K. Parmar, Bharuch: Seminar was very good and after attending it, I developed a desire to practice homeopathy.

Dr. S. N. Ramawat, Ahmedabad: KBH seminar helped me to remove confusions regarding future practice.

Dr. S. S. Chaudhari, Surat: It was an inspiring seminar. It changed many of my concepts about the homeopathic practice. Thank you very much Sir.

Dr. Y. J. Vadher, Ankleshwar: Sir, your today’s seminar was excellent. Your command on Aphorisms seems extraordinary. Please give a seminar on posology, the duration of drug action and its clinical correlation in future as it is one of the most confusing area of homeopathy.

Dr. S. R. Khali, Dahod: Thank you sir for the wonderful KBH seminar. Your understanding of Materia Medica is too good & I want to learn more remedies from you. May be you can plan Materia Medica Workshop in future.

Dr. N. Patel, Borsad: Great KBH Seminar. Your Organon comments in the seminar are the ones which I have liked the most. I want to know further about posology and repetition of doses.