Having received multiple requests by the delegates who had attended our seminars & workshops studying & staying out of Anand, to design a clinical homeopathic course like Dr. Hahnemann & Dr. Kent’s Clinical Courses that are being successfully organized here, as they cannot stay for longtime to study here at SHAH.

As the timings & days of the courses are flexible - Course should be done over & above to your professional responsibilities, as per your chosen batch.

As all the lectures will be getting recorded, there is always a chance to see them again either for your better understanding or in case if you have missed.

1. Module Information

• Course is designed in four Basic, Complete, Advance & Scholar Modules which will run for 6, 12, 18 & 24
  full days respectively.

• As the name suggests, these modules have been created depending upon the enthusiasm & dedication of
  homeopathic students & a prospective homeopathic practitioners.

• As the timings & days of the courses are flexible – Module Courses can be done over & above to your
  professional responsibilities, as per your chosen batch.

2. Overview Of The Curriculum

A Course is designed covering all the fundamental subjects of Homeopathy

which can be learnt clinically

1. Organon of Medicine :

• “Organon – Access to Success”, Learn the practical application of Aphorisms from
    Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine in clinical practice through successful cases.

2. Materia Medica :

• Study of Materia Medica from the successful Video Cases.
• Learning of the 30 Polychrest remedies of our Materia Medica

3. Repertory :

• “Symptomatology” – Repertorial Perspective, for making a successful repertorization.
• Understating different rubrics & its importance in clinical practice from the successful video &
  live cases.

4. Clinical Case Studies:

• Practical application of the Homeopathic Subjects through successful clinical case studies,
  learning Totality of Symptoms, Analysis + Evaluation, selection of rubrics and Repertorization,
 How to change the remedy, How to find obstacles in the way of cure, Utility of Kent’s 12
 Observations in Clinical Practice etc.

5. Live Case Studies & Detailed Case Workouts

• With the kind consent of the patients - 3 Live Case Transmissions shall be made.
• With the kind consent of the patients - Witness the 3 live case workout in the hospital.

6. Other Useful Clinical Topics:

• What is Homeopathy & Similia Similibus Curantur?
• Guidelines for the new Consultation
• How to take follow up?
• How to take PQRS Symptoms?
• How to take Thermals in the case?
• How to take Desires & Aversions in the case?
• How to take Sleep Symptoms in the Case?
• How to take Review & when to take a full Re-case?
• Theory of Chronic Diseases & Chronic Miasms
• Causes of Failure in Homeopathic Practice
• Common Mistakes in Homeopathic Prescribing
• Comment on Homeopathic Literature - “Which Book we should use & why” in learning Materia Medica, Organon of Medicine & Repertory
• How to study Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine?
• How to study any Homeopathic Medicine from our Materia Medica?
• How to handle “Acutes” during the treatment of Chronic Diseases
• Second Prescription & Principles in Long Term Management of Case
• How to manage patients on Allopathic drugs while taking them on Homeopathic Treatment?
• Kent’s 12 Observation & Remedy Reactions
• Acute Case taking
• Pediatric case taking
• Obstacles in the Cure (Mental / Emotional / Physical Obstacles)

Upon successful completion of exams -
All the enthusiastic delegates of Basic, Complete, Advance & Scholar Modules shall be honored with

“TROPHY HAVING YOUR NAME”, Course Certification, Shawl & Badge

at the Annual Ceremony organized on 10th April every year by
Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy – SHAH.

Jai Hahnemann. Jai Homeopathy.