Delegates Feedback from Proud To Be Homeopath 2016

Dr. N. Sojitra, Surat: The seminar was so good that it touched my heart. I always wanted to practice homeopathy but whenever I tried, results were not satisfactory but after attending the seminar, I feel that my confidence got boosted up, thank you.

Dr. K. Sukhadiya, Anand: After attending the seminar, I understood how to practice homeopathy & most importantly how to start practicing homeopathy.  I really understood the value of Homeopathy & feel proud to be a homeopath.  Thank you for your today’s seminar

Dr. J. J. Lanitharia, Gondal: I think that this seminar is very good for the students specially the one who want to practice homeopathy. Please continue taking many more seminars.

Dr. H. H. Meghlani, Porbandar: Sai homeopathic hospital is the best place for learning homeopathy live.  I feel I will be a good homeopath. Thank you.

Dr. K. Chattrala, Talala: First of all, thank you very much for giving the knowledge regarding different subjects of Homeopathy. I am very happy as many of my problems got solved by you in today’s seminar.  Thank you.  

Dr. C. M. Parmar, Bharuch: The style of teaching Materia Medica is too good.  I enjoyed learning live Materia Medica.  I am happy to know the way through which I will not have to mug up the remedies. Thank You.

Dr. M. B. Rathwa, Ankleshwar: Thank you very much sir for this seminar.  I have learnt a lot from you, this clinic is one of the best clinic I have ever seen where I can see power of homeopathy.

Dr. J. Vekariya, Anjar: I developed more faith in homeopathy after attending your seminar.  EAST OR WEST; HOMEOPATHY IS THE BEST.  Thank you sir for the wonderful description on how to learn different subjects of Homeopathy!

Dr. C. V. Kotecha, Ahemdabad: Thank you sir for giving such a wonderful presentation. Hahnemann & Homeopathy must be proud on you.

Dr. R. G. Barad, Godhra: I really liked the seminar as my confidence got boosted up.

Dr. Y. J. Vadher: Sir, please give seminar on posology and the duration of drug action and its clinical correlation.

Dr. P. H. Panwala, Daman: Very good experience. Now I can see the real Materia Medica. Understanding of the Repertory has never seen before!

Dr. B. U. Dahima: Very good and wonderful knowledge of homeopathy. Now I can see the real way of Materia Medica, Repertory & Organon of Medicine.

Dr.  R. R. Ansari, Surat: Seminar was really informative especially regarding repertory.  Eagerly waiting for the next seminar.

Dr. N. G. Sojitra, Surat: Nice seminar, these remedies will never be forgotten.  Thank you.

Dr. H. Rathod, Aanklav: Nice seminar, thank you so much.

Dr. C. V. Kotecha, Bhavnagar: Thank you sir for giving us the true knowledge of different subjects of homeopathy. I will try my best to become a good homeopath like you.

Dr. A. K. Dobarya, Jamnagar: I feel very good after attending the seminar.  Thank you.

Dr. D. A. Thakkar: Thank you for the seminar. In future, I would like to know about monopharmacy and classical homeopathy and also about selection of remedy after case taking.

Dr. D. Vaghasiya: My confidence for practicing homeopathy is definitely boosted up by your today’s seminar of different subjects of Homeopathy and showing efficacy of homeopathy through successful case studies, thank you.

Dr. K. H. Shukla, Bhuj: Great experience. I learnt many new things which I never knew before.  Thank you sir.

Dr. G. Prajapati: I really liked the seminar of Materia Medica the most from all. The way you teach homeopathy is very good, thank you.

Dr. D. K. Patel: Sir, your method of teaching Materia Medica is fantastic.  I never learnt remedies in such a depth from anywhere before other than you, thank you.

Dr. N. B. Patel: I understood the method of learning Materia Medica which is very easy & logical. I want to learn other medicines regularly too.

Dr. R. R. Morady, Rajkota: I liked the method of teaching with the main theme of remedy. This correlation is very important.  The patho-physiological base of the drug should be taught like this, thank YOU.

Dr. K. K. Vadhwana, Godhra: Thank you sir for teaching in such a way that the remedy image gets clear in mind.  Want to learn more remedies from you.

Dr. B. M. PATEL, Ahmedabad: I liked the method of Materia Medica in simple and easy explanation. Thank you.

Dr. K. Patel, Ahmedabad: Easy way of remembering the symptoms of remedies, I liked that, thank you.

Dr. N. A. Jadav: Thank you sir. You teach excellent Materia Medica. All confusions got cleared concerning the study of different Homeopathic subject.

Dr. R. R. Rathod: Sir, your method of teaching Materia Medica is very good. I will remember the remedies you taught for the lifetime.

Dr. N. K. Pansuriya, Kheda: Thank you sir.  I really enjoyed the seminar.

Dr. G. Savaliya, Rajkot: I am very thankful to you sir. Many of my doubts got cleared today. I really liked your way of teaching.

Dr. A. T. Surati, Bharuch: Thank you sir. I developed a real interest in homeopathy today.

Dr. D. D. Buha, Gir: I never knew such method of learning Materia Medica. Thank you so much sir.

Dr. G. B. Jhetwa, Bhavnagar: I feel good as all of my confusions got cleared, thank you.  

Dr. H. Panchmi, Ahmedabad: It was really the good seminar.  Thank you so much sir for advising about the different homeopathic subject.  You are the best homeopath.  

Dr. N. Patel, Surat: Thank you for the wonderful seminar. I want to know further about posology and repetition of doses in the future from you.

Dr. R. R. Rathod, Diodar: Thank you sir. You made us aware regarding common mistakes made by young homeopaths.

Dr. C. V. Kotecha, Rajpipla: Thank you sir for giving us great knowledge and making us aware about the reasons of failure during practice.

Dr. K. Dobariya, Surat: Thank you sir for awaring us about common mistakes happen by us during practice.

Dr. C. M. Parmar, Anand: Today’s topic - “causes of failure in homeopathic practice” was very helpful. I want to learn many more remedies.

Dr. D. D. Pansuriya, Gir: Today, I understood beauty of homeopathy and how wonderfully it acts on human being to bring them back their health.  Thank you.

Dr. N. A. Jadav, Kheda: Thank you sir for giving us the true knowledge of the different subject of Homeopathy.  My confidence increased after listening to you.

Dr. A. S. Sheth, Anand:  Case video was very fine, to relate the remedy with the theoretical Materia Medica. I would like to suggest that you show more such videos for the transparent learning.

Dr. Soni, Anand:  Sir, I think we need more lectures regarding Materia Medica like Organon lectures. So please try to arrange Materia Medica’s lecture if possible.

Dr.  D.  M.  Buha: Thank you so much sir for teaching the medicines Arsenic Alb.  and Sulphur & also to make us aware which type of difficulties and problems one has to face in the homeopathic practice and how to solve them.

Dr. V. H. Hirpara, Anand: I want to tell you that you teach Materia Medica in a really good & easy way.  Thank You.

Dr. A. D. Kothiya, Anand: Please arrange the Materia Medica workshop as soon as possible as your Materia Medica understanding is so concrete...

Dr. S. U. Rathod, Anand: Sir, Please start Materia Medica workshop.  We like this way of learning Materia Medica.

Dr. A. G. Savani, Anand: I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar and about Materia Medica, clear picture about drug is formed and is very much informative and gave basic idea so it can be easily understood in patient also.  I also want to learn many remedies in this way.  Thank you sir.