Delegates Feedback from The Dr. Hahnemann’s & Dr. Kent’s Clinical Courses 2016-17

Dr. Panchal K, Anand: After completion of my college, a lot of confusions were there in my mind as it usually is in the mind of almost all the fresh graduates, but I was clear that I want to practice homeopathy only & eventually, I met Dr. Krutik Shah sir for whom I can say is, I have seen the real homeopath who taught me the “Real Homeopathy”. Environment of the SHAH provides a studying experience in an actual homeopathic environment. This has proven to be the most invaluable experience of my career that has shaped my homeopathic future practice in the brightest possible way.

Dr. Yadav K, Nadiad: After spending 1 year in the Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital, what I can say that; this is my second home because I see the role model of my career & a family member in the hospital Dr. Krutik Shah. His enthusiastic nature gives me a lot of energy to do better & go higher in my career. He is a very impressive homeopath and I also want to become a successful homeopath like Dr. Krutik Shah sir!!

Dr. Patel K, Lunawada: Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital is a place where I found myself again in a new form. I have taken admission in homeopathy because just I had to but I did not know anything about homeopathy till I became a graduate of it. This is the place where the roots of my homeopathic tree / career were planted a few years ago & today, I thoroughly believe in homeopathy is just because of Dr. Krutik Shah & our Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital. I have learnt true & authentic homeopathy with their results from this place only! Today whatever knowledge I have for homeopathy, is only because of Dr. Krutik Shah.

Dr. Mistry P, Baroda: I am extremely glad that I chose to learn homeopathy at Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital even commuting from Baroda daily! The faculties at SHAH are highly knowledgeable and dedicated, never hesitated to explain a homeopathic concept any number of time, till we become clear with it. This course not only helped me to improve my fundamentals of homeopathy but also gave me the confidence and inspiration to practice homeopathy.

Dr. Vekariya M, Rajkot: I am extremely satisfied after I completed this course from the Samuel Hahnemann Academy. Before this course, I was thinking that to practice homeopathy & that too single remedy classical homeopathy is very difficult but it proved very wrong after I understood the concepts of homeopathy in a real & Hahnemannian way from Dr. Krutik Shah here! I really knew the beauty of homeopathy after this course when I saw the patients experiencing miracles with the correct homeopathic remedy from Dr. Krutik Shah. What I can only say is that, if you understand the concepts of real homeopathy even once properly; than you can do homeopathic practice easily & successfully.

Dr. Chaudhary V, Rajkot: I learnt real homeopathy from Dr. Krutik Shah through this course. I need to thank him the most as he changed the way I looked at Organon. All my concept and confidence understanding different subject of homeopathy come from him. I’m very lucky to attain this course. I also learn more about homeopathy from him. Thank you.

Dr. Yadav J, Rajkot: It was very great experience at the courses of Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital. Their incredible support and guidance has become the key to my homeopathic success. Dr. Krutik Shah’s nature is very friendly and cooperative. Thank you to Dr. Krutik Shah as I learnt real homeopathy from him.

Dr. Shah B, Bhuj: If you want to learn real homeopathy than Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital is one of the best palace. After joining the Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital - my confidence level has increased many folds & all my doubts were made cleared by Dr. Krutik Shah Sir & also, was able to see the same in day to day practice. Now I can say proudly that “I am proud to be Homeopath.”

Dr. Raval P, Surat: When I was in UG it is very difficult to understand organon. But after joining this course here at SHAH, I understood Organon very well in our mother tongue from Dr. Krutik Shah almost every day & I saw his application of different aphorisms of Organon upon his patients in his daily practice with the marvelous success!! And now Organon of medicine has become my favorite subject!! I’m thankful to Dr. Krutik Shah to give me a chance to learn & live along with him.

Dr. Patel R, Nadiad: My journey with this course at Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospitalis like a pillar of my career as well as it has been a concrete base that provided a great foundation of my life. This place motivated me a lot especially Dr. Krutik Shah sir who has been the soul guiding spirit throughout. It is really an honor to work with you sir. When I came to you, I didn’t know anything about homeopathy, even my path of homeopathy starts with you and I learn a lot about true homeopathy from you. In addition to that you are always helpful, a person with a strong convincing power, having a flamboyant personality. I can say a lot about you and your teaching pattern. Whenever I was low in my life you were ready to instill the rush of adrenaline in me. I am thankful to Dr. Krutik shah Sir and entire hospital staff cum family for rejuvenating me!

Dr. Desai N, Jamnagar: Well, I wanted to learn homeopathy and fortunately I got a fantastic teacher Dr. Krutik Shah. Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital is temple for all the homeopaths as well as patients. Sir is very friendly and very co-operative. I learnt a lot from him like how to take proper case, from where remedy comes and what might be cause of patient’s illness. I saw many patients who were treated homeopathically at the hospital, which were not been helped / cured by any allopathic practitioners of the town. Hospital’s logo is enough to understanding of this “HOMEOPATHY - HOPE FOR HOPELESS”. Sir is very inspirational for me and he has taken me too many steps ahead in my career towards practicing homeopathy. Thank you so much sir. Hope you will progress day by day and convert many students in to real homeopaths.

Dr. Hathila F. Dahod: What is real homeopathy? This question was always confusing me in my mind all the time. We all know that there are many different methods in Homeopathy to treat the patient but after meeting Dr. Krutik Shah, he just destroyed all my wrong homeopathic concepts after I joined the course here & I got to know the real & very simple Hahnemannian homeopathy which made a big boost in my career to practice pure homeopathy. His passion & dedication for homeopathy I never seen any other homeopath before I met him. This course has proven to me like bridge to reach our father Dr. Hahnemann dynamically. Environment of the Sai Hospital is very homeopathic, spiritual & peaceful. Here you can see the live cases & I remember one case of acute appendicitis in which after taking simillimum, patient started feeling better within 2 hours and was cured in 4 days!!. Really this was very amazing to see, a miracle with the homeopathy!! I’m lucky to come here and learn the real homeopathy from SHAH. Thank you all.

Dr. Makani M, Bhuj: I had a fantastic experience working with the team at Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital through Dr. Hahnemann’s Course. I learnt true sense of homeopathy from its core and I wish to learn more in my near future whenever I go. I am thankful to Dr. Krutik shah as well as family of the hospital because they had treated me like a family member even in my short span 11 months of time that I spent there.

Dr. Savani A, Rajkot: I had great experience of homeopathy at Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital. I have learnt a lot from the hospital & from Dr. Krutik Shah especially. What I can say in short is that, initially I was at the bottom level of knowledge regarding our homeopathy but after attending this course now, I have moved many steps up in my career. I am thankful to Dr. Krutik Shah Sir for everything he has taught me & corrected my mistakes to be a good homeopath in the tenure of the course.

Dr. Kadiya A, Amreli:It was new and different experience for me altogether as it was a mixture of strong brain & gentle heart in one person Dr. Krutik Shah. Sir, I have learned a lot under your guidance from Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital. I am thankful to everyone throughout the tenure of the course at Sai Hospital.

Dr. Abada M, Amreli: Dr. Krutik Shah is the real hero in homeopathy & his passion for homeopathy is unbeatable. In the Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital, I was saw how homeopathy works with one single dose of the similimum remedy & how cure take place, I saw many difficult acute cases with the best result. This course has changed my vision for homeopathy.

Dr. M. V, Jamnagar: I have a very great experience at Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital. Dr. Krutik shah is like my father who delivers to me in the world as a homeopath. He makes so much effort to teach us real homeopathy. Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital is Gujarat’s first ever computerized private hospital he has created & I wish one day, I will also do something bigger for homeopathy as like Dr. Krutik shah.