Sometimes instead of changing the doctor, one should change the science
as incurable disease from one science can be curable by the other as no science is complete as
INcurable = curable INSIDE!

We offer the “Best Homeopathic Solution” for all your health problems!

We are here to help when you need help as Homeopathy is ranked as 2nd most popular system of medicine in the field of health care worldwide by World Health Organization (W.H.O.) considering its miraculous effectiveness diseases prevailing in the community.

1. “Homeopathy is the Hope for hopeless & help for helpless” Curing the Incurable is our mission treating the patients by adopting rapid, permanent, non-violent & economical approach giving tailored individual care by commitment & compassion offering professional services beyond self!

2. 2. Your treatment will be headed by a disciple of the Nobel laureate, double post graduate homeopath Dr. Krutik Shah & his team.
Dr. Krutik Shah along with his many international distinctions, is also a creator of Gujarat State’s first private computerized” Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital” which is the latest, largest & most modern technological development not only in the history of Homeopathy in Gujarat State but also one of the very few in entire India, along with a team of 8 enthusiastic doctors offering consultations within 24 hours of your requirement throughout the tenure of treatment.

3. Comprehensive & Complete Online Consultation worldwide with the best use of technologies:

- All the best technologies of the world exclusively include frequent video + telephonic consultations respecting the disease(s) you are suffering.
- Regular messages from our Patient Data Management Software will almost personally confirm + monitor your regular intake of medicines.
- Our e-mail exchanges will assuredly document the effect our medications regularly once a month throughout during the tenure of treatment as our efforts to be in touch beyond time & distance even though you being at home or office!

4. Treatment from the distance has a lot of limitations as we cannot meet the patient frequently and therefore, always give Next Best Possibilities (NBP) remedies along with it at the time of sending courier & its charges are included in total consultation package.

5. Receive medicines at your door step by courier at your earliest convenience.

6. Medicines need to be taken once a day as & when you remember without having any additional restrictions from our side other than the disease(s) you are suffering from!

7. Having Emergency (SOS) medicines beside you, will make you not to go to any other medical doctor* for at least 8 out of 10 times for any other* disease(s).
International Homeopathic Care is a situation in which we have to beyond time, distance and situation, & that to over and above to practicing Indian Hours.
In emergency, it is many times not possible to respond at the earliest respecting our serious and prior commitments in the hospital, even though we wished to.
In such a case, it is advisable to take OTC medicines consulting the local doctor or wait for our response at the soonest possible.

8. You may take allopathic medicines during the tenure of homeopathic treatment if required during their time but, you may avoid it as much as possible.

9. Proper dietary advice/treatment will be included along with the medications.

10. Always give us the feedback once a month at our email address care@drkrutikshah.com during the whole tenure of their treatment.

11. Always write an email to us at care@drkrutikshah.com for any query and we shall give you a reply within 3 working days.

Both, Allopathy & Homeopathy are the 1st & 2nd most popular sciences in the world declared by World Health Organization (WHO) but it is equally true that all the medical sciences have evolved on the earth with a single aim to help the sufferings in prevailing in Humanity but it is equally true that no medical science is complete till date.

Many times chronic, complex & difficult diseases OR multiple diseases in one patient may need integration of homeopathy and conventional (allopathic) medicines with a common aim of healing such patients as much as possible.

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Homeopathy is the Hope for Hopeless and Help for Helpless

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