1. Treating Acute Diseases is an inseparable part of our profession & very few homeopaths have successfully mastered it as it needs courage & confidence primarily. As a result, they have become famous & immortal in our science as it is a highly rewarding job.

2. For Acute Disease - Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine’s Aphorism No. - 92, 95, 99, 149, 152, 162, 262, 263 clearly mentions that treatment of Acute disease is a must to attain highest health and it is very easy to treat acute disease if we get the similimum following the fundamentals of Homeopathy.

For Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Disease - Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine’s Aphorism No. 38, 73FN, 95, 145, 194, 195, 201, 215, 216, 219, 235FN, 239 clearly mentions that Acute Diseases are an inseparable part of Chronic State and is to be given enough respect for their treatment if we wish to get permanent cure from the chronic disease.

3. What a homeopath want in acute cases primarily is, either an exciting cause(s) or PQRS, or a strong modality, or a definite concomitant symptom apart from diagnosing the illness to arrive at a successful prescription. It is very much less likely that simillimum does not cover the acute pathology we are intending to treat, which is frequently possible in treating chronic diseases.

4. But respecting the existing “Acute” situation

A. Homeopath neither has enough time for the detailed consultation nor the chance to change / modify the prescription again & again, having his reputation in danger with a fear of losing the patient is an additional threat.

B. “As each and every remedy is unique & irreplaceable; each and every remedy expresses the same symptoms in a different way with a different reason according to its state.” which is actually very much essential for us to know while making the finer differentiation for the “Successful Acute prescription” along with matching the Totality of Symptoms.

C. If we fail to treat acute exacerbation of chronic state properly then also, there is a danger of losing control of the chronic case in which you have already invested so much of time & energy!! The unfortunate truth is also that, Our Organon of Medicine & other Homeopathic Literatures also has very limited information and guidelines about treating Acute Diseases than Chronic Diseases!!

Jai Hahnemann. Jai Homeopathy.