Delegates Feedback from Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine Clinical Workshop 2017-18

Dr. Bhavsar, Surat: We are lucky to gain knowledge of Organon in such easy and simple language. We were waiting for a perfect teacher of Organon and we have found him! Thanks to you sir for such a great guidance.

Dr. A. D. Kotariya, Rajkot: More than 1000 times thanks to Dr. Krutik sir for arranging this wonderful Organon Workshop. Please arrange more and more workshops like this.

Dr. S. B. Jadeja, Vapi: Lots of new things, new learning what I am seeking which I am getting it, but I want to know much more. Apart from other Aphorisms of the Organon, Lecture of case taking will definitely going to help me very much in my future. Thanks is not enough.

Dr. V. S. Ambaliya, Dhangdhra: Thank you sir, for this workshop. After attending your lectures all the times, many of my queries are solved and really Organon is an enjoyable subject and I have now developed interest in it. Before this seminar, Organon was very boring subject for me.

Dr. R. N. Patel, Anand: Just like this Organon workshop, we kindly request for the Materia Medica workshop because by this, the knowledge of our Materia Medica just like Organon will become very good. Thank you sir for giving this learning.

Dr. A. D. Dodia, Baroda: I like very much this seminar of Organon Workshop because all aphorisms are important for our routine clinical practice are very much clear for me. Thank you so much.

Dr. Bhavsar, Ahmedabad: This is best way of learning and Organon sessions were as good as before. Best Learning. Thank you.

Dr. Shah, Bhuj: Yes, life changing days & Life changing experiences. The best words which penetrated through heart were “Now me and my father Hahnemann, no one should come between both of us.”

Dr. V. H. Hirpara, Amreli: I learned case taking the best, and really I must say you are the best teacher and excellent experience from this workshop. Thank you.

Dr. J. K. Soni, Anjar: All Aphorisms are easily understood by me because of the very easy language used by Krutik sir. Now Organon is becoming easy for me.

Dr. D. P. Sakariya, Rajkot: Really such a wonderful experience of Organon. I have very well understood different aphorisms of the Organon and have developed more belief in Homeopathy. Thank you sir.

Dr. N. D. Vasava, Surat:  All over good and informative knowledge about aphorisms of Organon of Medicine and you have given good examples for the better understanding.

Dr. R. R. Ladhani, Anand:  Sir, all the sessions were good overall but what I liked the most was clinical application of “Organon” in the cases you shown. Thank you.

Dr. P. S. Raval, Surat:  All the concepts of case taking are now very much clear. Local Disease & Mental diseases with its management are the best part of it which is very important for us in the practice. It is very useful workshop for me. Thank you.

Dr. V. S. Mori, Rajkot: In the workshop, all the seminars were too much informative and always better compared to the last seminar attended. I got many answers from this workshop about my confusions for practice. Thank you so much sir.

Dr. A. A. Kadiya, Bhuj: For the first time I enjoyed learning Organon in this Organon Workshop because of this type of learning is very easy and all the questions about practicing Homeopathy are now clear.

Dr. M. K. Joshi, Anjar: The problem of case taking and follow up are solved nicely. The guideline of connected aphorism on the same topic is very useful.

Dr. J. K. Soni, Baroda: Sir, It is worth to attend these lecture everytime. We are going to learn more and more about “real Homeopathy.”

Dr. V. S. Mori, Ankleshwar: First of all, Thank you krutik sir. This workshop had been very informative and you really have taught the Organon in most understandable language. I really enjoyed it, really.

Dr. Nathwani, Vapi: Basically, I have come from Rajkot only because it is for the first time I am attending the workshop on Organon of medicine in Gujarat. Thank you so much for arranging the workshop. My understandings towards Homeopathy have been very much getting better especially in case taking. Enjoyed the workshop thoroughly.

Dr. A. P. Dodiya, Ahmedabad: Thank you sir, I like the way you teach Organon & now I am really interested to read Organon and yes I also liked to understand Organon through the examples of clinical cases. It is first time where I have seen this type of method, which I feel is the best.

Dr. S. R. Patel, Ahmedabad: Sir, through this workshop - I actually felt that I am studying Organon originally. Now I am understanding what Organon is & its importance in homeopathic career. So thank you so much for teaching Organon in Gujarati.

Dr. J. V. Raval, Baroda: I understood the basic knowledge of Organon of Medicine especially case taking that I couldn’t understand in college. I want more knowledge from you sir. Many doubts are cleared by this and I understood all that you have told us.

Dr. M. A. Abada, Bhuj: How to take case and what to do in a case was my biggest doubt of the carrer which has been solved completely. Apart from that, there were many doubts were also been cleared from this wonderful Organon Workshop and I am very happy to be a part of it & attending such a nice this seminar series.

Dr. S. C. Kimathi, Vyara: Very important topics of homeopathic career which is mostly neglected in clinincal practice have been so very well explained by Krutik sir in this Organon Workshop.

Dr. M. K. Joshi, Anand: Duty of physician during case taking for different type of patients is very much cleared. Types of patient & how to manage them is cleared very well too along with taking a follow up in acute and chronic cases. Thank you sir.

Dr. N. D. Vasava, Surat: It is a very good and informative idea regarding the teaching of aphorism in a clinical way and no one can give idea about the Organon other than you. Such a great experience to learn different aphorisms from you.

Dr. A. G. Savani, Rajkot: I am very much thankful to Krutik sir and his team for arranging such a wonderful seminar. It has given much more clear understanding about case taking which was never learned before. Now I will start reading Organon with interest & shall be joining the workshop now!!

Dr. A. A. Kadiya, Amreli: I have tried so many times to read Organon but I have never understood before the way I have understood it today. It is too good experience and now I have fun to read Organon. Also the cases you showed in the whole workshop supporting the aphorisms, I have neither seen that type of case taking before nor the results with a single remedy too.

Dr. Mishra, Baroda: Fabulous lectures throughout the Workshop. It was completely digestible. Best way to learn Organon in depth.

Dr. A. C. Sheth, Godhra: Many of doubts and fixed ideas about case taking Homeopathy are cleared up to very much extent. Simple and clear understanding of Organon. All the aphorisms were very interesting. Case examples are really memorable.

Dr. R. N. Patel, Anand: Sir, this workshop was very useful to understand the Organon in very easy language and after attending this, my faith for Homeopathy is very much increased. So I am very much thankful to you.

Dr. K. Y. Shah, Ahmedabad: Great work sir, Started new era of Homeopathy because students can’t understand Organon in college. Systematic way and the way you shared your personal clinical experience is excellent by all means!!

Dr. N. U. Yadav, Vapi: It was really good and awesome. This type of learning system is really very good and it is very appreciable. We want that, you organize Organon workshops every year from next year.

Dr. Sakariya, Anand: Thank you for teaching Materia Medica in today’s session and the way you teach Materia Medica is very very understandable. Thank you sir.

Dr. Sakenia, Baroda: Thank you sir for giving us such nice information. It’s very useful for my practice. I appreciate the concept of teaching subject in our mother tongue so that the basic literature becomes easily digestible.  

Dr. P. S. Raval, Mandvi:  There are so many doubts which were cleared in these seminars. Jai Hahnemann. Jai Homeopathy!! Thank you for everything Sir.

Dr. J. J. Shah, Baroda: Special Sundays of my career. Many doubts got cleared. Happily enjoyed. So much happy for getting back on the right track for homeopathic education.

Dr. U. S. Sheladiya, Rajkot: Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy, Academic division of Sai Homeopathy Hospital is over all a good job for enthusiasts like us. Hahnemann’s Workshop is the best series of seminars; I have ever attended in my career. I am thankful to you from bottom of my heart. 

Dr. Hari, Ahmedabad: It is very good learning for practitioner. We knew Dr. Hahnemann but we witnessed depth of his knowledge written in his literatures through you as we haven’t read his literatures in so much detail as much as you had. Thank You.

Dr. Rathod, Ahmedbad: Thanks for this Hahnemann's Homeopathic Workshop and a series of really inspiring seminars to boost our confidence for Homeopathic practice. It was fabulous! 

Dr. V. V. Narola, Surat: Great Teaching sir, Thanks to you for teaching us. You have cleared most of my doubts through this workshop. I actually need a homoeopath’s guidance and you are a right person for me.

Dr. S. C. Kimoth, Baroda: Very much Desirable Initiative. This series of Hahnemann workshop can improve our result with Homeopathy by a very good extent as you taught us the importance of basic principles that must be followed in order to heal rationally.

Dr. M. A. Abada, Amreli: Great work done by you sir and by your team of Homeopathic Hospital. Excellent job. It’s is very useful for all students.

Dr. D. R. Parmar, Anjar: Today being my first seminar in Organon Clinical Workshop - I can say that I have learnt actual Homeopathy now. I feel that next a few remaining seminars in the workshop will be one of the most wonderful seminar series of my life. Thank you. 

Dr. J. J. Shah, Godhra: It was a good workshop & seminar sessions. It was very useful, practical point of view for my homeopathic practice as it connected me directly to Master's teachings.

DR. C. J. Makvana, Bardoa:  Confidence increased for Homeopathy through this workshop. Thanks a lot. 

Dr. M. A. Abada, Junagadh: Including all, but especially the last was the best seminar & will be the most memorable one in my life. “Jay Hahnemann, Jay Homeopathy.”

Dr. R. P. Solanki, Anand: I got inspiration from Hahnemann’s Workshop especially from last seminar to practice & live for Homeopathy. Thank You for everything!!

Dr. J. V. Aniyaliya, Rajkot: Hahnemann’s Workshop & all the seminars were so good. I want become like you. Thank you so much. 

Dr. A. D. Vejapara, Dhangdhra: This Sunday was the best for me, fully enjoyed with best homoeopath. Thanks to Krutik sir and team to arrange the Hahnemann workshop.

Dr. P. S. Raval, Surat: Wonderful & well spent time in this Samuel Hahnemann hall through this Hahnemann’s Workshop and all these were very knowledgeable days for me. These days will always help me in my future practice. Thank you. 

Dr. U. S. Sheladiya, Bhavnagar: I am so happy to attain this Hahnemann’s workshop & its seminar series and I have gained so much knowledge from this.

Dr. N. B. Desai, Bhuj: It’s my honor to attend your reliable guidelines and seminars in Dr. Hahnemann Workshop. I came to know my duties as a physician and also learnt a lot from your successful cases discussion. I hope you will give us more and more opportunities for increasing our knowledge regarding Homeopathy. Thank you so much. 

Dr. P. A. Chauhan, Bhuj: All the days of the workshop were the best days of my career. Sir, Thank you so much for giving this much to us. We are lucky that we are here. Now, personally I am confirmed that I want to do Homeopathy. Thanks for giving guidance and please continue this in coming years. I want to learn more & more from you sir, and I hope that many budding homeopaths would get required guidance.

Dr. R. R. Ladhani, Ahmedabad: Sir, it is a new & unique approach to learn the basic of homeopathy in the way you teach, it's like being in connection with Dr. Hahnemann himself. The way you teach, induce thinking and clear the concept, is what I like the most.

Dr. Z. S. Patel, Vadodara: Learned a lot from this Workshop. Looking forward for further upcoming seminars & workshops. Sir, I must say you have taken a good initiative of making aware the budding homeopaths about the actual basics of science. Thank you.