Clinical Lectures On Dr. Kent’s Homoeopathic Philosophy & Understanding it's Practical

Application Through Successful Case Studies In Gujarati Language

Dr Kent is the 2nd best homeopath, after Dr. Hahnemann who has taken homeopathy to the next level. Just like Kent’s repertory, Clinical Experience from Dr. Kent mentioned in his Homeopathic Philosophy book, are guiding & helping homeopaths all over the world for decades together, as this literature is, not only one of the pillars of Homeopathic Philosophy for treating patients in daily practice but must be used especially having failure or confusion in management of different types of cases.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine is the book having lots of secret codes & after reading Organon again and again – we always find newer & newer information from it regularly and the same book keep surprising us constantly. This is the same with Dr. Kent’s Homeopathic Philosophy as well & What I can only say is, Dr. Kent’s secret of handling all the type of cases with such an impressive success rate in his clinical practice, is mentioned in his book “Homeopathic Philosophy” which is of an immense value for the strategic successful long term case management other than his well known Kent’s 12 Observations, which homeopaths are using it almost daily.

Every chapter & paragraph of the book will be explained carefully using local Gujarati Language to the students in order to give them the best digestible learning, strictly sticking to the content of Dr. Kent without making any interpretations at all.

Dr. Kent’s Homeopathic Philosophy has not only prove to be a real treasure of pure and simple knowledge that will be ageless, timeless & priceless in homeopathy but will also serve to be the greatest guide for budding and experienced homeopaths for the generations to come, who wish to serve the humanity with homeopathy for their divine mission of healing the sick.

Jai Hahnemann. Jai Homeopathy.