Master Yash Soni

- 7 years / Male , MP , India
Name of Disease(s): Allergic Rhinitis & Bronchial Asthma, Developmental Delay
Consultation Type: OPD Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 24 Months

My son had breathing difficulties due to severe allergies and his head bones were still open even at the age of 7. I heard about homeopathy has medicines for this problem and I brought my child here at Sai homeopathic hospital for better development & to get rid of his allergies. We took Dr. Krutik Shah's treatment for 2 years with the best of its benefit as we have received what we had expected from this treatment. My son became absolutely normal & allergy free within 7 months of treatment & the open bones of his head became closed a year later then after. The most soothing thing for me in this long treatment was, my son liked to take these medicines happily as they taste like chocolates!! Thank you the team of SAI

Mrs. Vaishanvi Nayak

- 42 years / Female , MP , India
Name of Disease(s): Fibrocystic Tumor of Breasts
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 16 Months

I was very much conscious about my health and when I found a tumor in the breasts, I was so shocked as at the age of mine; women are more liable to get breast cancers! I was very much frightened as I wanted to get rid out of it as early as possible. On taking homeopathic treatment from Dr. Krutik Shah, I felt very much happy as he not dissolved only my breast tumors but also made a huge in change my nature as I became very calm & contented with good stress tolerance which was never before! I was also afraid of a long distance treatment from Dr. Shah as I stay in Madhya Pradesh (MP) but SKYPE video calls with Dr. Shah, regular email + telephonic conversations with his assistants made things very smooth for both of us. Thanks to Dr. Krutik Shah & his team for giving me a happy & changed life!!

Mr. Manubhai Raman

- 36 years / Male , MP , India
Name of Disease(s): Writers Cramp
Consultation Type: OPD Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 6 Months*

I had suffered a lot because of my writer's cramp since last two years as It was not possible for me to do my routine office work, being an accountant which is all about writing mostly. I was completely messed up with the situation as I was neither able to leave my occupation nor was able to work properly. After suffering with this disease for 2 years, I came to know about Dr. Krutik Shah and I started his treatment. As a result now after 5 months of his treatment, I am able to write very much precisely than before

Mrs. Sonalben Machhi

- 36 years / Female , MP , India
Name of Disease(s): Ovarian Cyst & Multiple Gallstones
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 5 Months*

At the age of 36, I consulted Gynecologist as I was having problem with my menses and sonography reports were suggestive of "Ovarian cyst & multiple GB stones, appeared to my surprise". My friend recommended me to go to Dr. Krutik Shah's homoeopathic treatment and eventually, I started with his treatment. After 4 months of treatment, follow up reports confirmed that my ovaries are normal in size and gall stones have almost become half from their original size too. I am very sure that my gall stones will get dissolved soon. Thank u very much Dr

Mrs. Chaitali Nayak

- 30 years / Female , MP , India
Name of Disease(s): Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 1-1/2 years

I had irregular & painful periods since my adolescence and complaint of allergic coryza due to change in weather. Within 3 month of treatment at Sai Homeopathic Hospital from Dr. Krutik Shah, my allergic coryza was almost gone & having his treatment from 1 1/2 years, my period problems also got solved. I am feeling so good that I can do my work and now I am living my life much happily. Thanks to team of Hospital to restore my previous health

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