Delegates Feedback from Kaun Banega Homeopath (KBH)- 2017

Dr. Parmar B. S., Baroda: You are a good practitioner but I request you to come in teaching line too so that many more students can get inspiration from you. Today, I got inspired to practice homeopathy only because of your KBH Seminar. Thank you.

Dr. Shah N. B., Ahmedabad: “Kaun Banega Homeopath!! – ME BANUNGA HOMEOPATH!! Outstanding KBH seminar… Sir, please come up with more and more such seminars.

Dr. Pachhigar D. N., Surat: After this seminar I am really confirmed for practicing homeopathy. After 4 years of BHMS, I found today’s lecture to be much different and better. Thank you.

Dr. Sawant P. D., Vapi: Homeopathy is the best pathy but not all homeopaths realize that. After attending your seminar sir, my vision towards homeopathic practice is changed.

Dr. Bhavsar N. D., Vanakbori: Enjoyed the seminar. Got fully convinced and determined to do homeopathic practice in future. Sir has fantastic personality and superb speech power.

Dr. Kathiria N., Rajkot: It was the best experience in my life. I got inspired and feel proud that I am going to become homeopath. I have decided that I will practice homeopathy.

Dr. Patel M., Bhavnagar: Discussion on classical and pure homeopathy, good start up by Dr. Shah Sir. I am happy to see that you encourage students for practicing homeopathy. Just a thing to suggest, do it for service of humanity and don’t make it a business. Thank you.

Dr. Mishra P., Uttar Pradesh: Thank you sir for such a fabulous and encouraging seminar specially for budding homeopaths. It is my wish that you regularly start the academic sessions so that many students who are getting diverted from path of homeopathy, due to many reasons get confidence in homeopathy and get some benefit from your experience and knowledge.

Dr. Rathwa K. S., Bhuj: Before attending this seminar, I wanted to do general practice but after attending your seminar, I want to do homeopathic practice.

Dr. Joishar K. S., Dhangdhra: After attending the seminar, I am glad to have changes in my thinking and I am sure the seminar will be useful for all students who are attending.

Dr. Ladhani R. R., Anand: I enjoyed every minute of the seminar sir. Got a new boost up as I was in dilemma since so many days about how to prescribe, being a student of final year. Thank you sir.

Dr. Desai N. B., Vapi: I learnt a lot from the seminar. Also belief in homeopathy is increased. You are an inspiration for us. I hope we will get chance to attend more such seminars.

Dr. Padaliya A. M., Godhara: Really liked ‘future for female after marriage’ part.

Dr. Rathava S. C., Rajpipla: I got inspired by the seminar. And your talk about scope of a female in practicing homeopathy was highly satisfactory.

Dr. Deepali: Good orator with great sense of humor and information at the same time.

Dr. Suratiya M. P., Kutch: Motivational KBH seminar, Inspired to become a successful homeopath.

Dr. Patel T. R., Surat: Got encouraged to practice homeopathy. Very good seminar.

Dr. Parmar B. D., Surendranagar: I heartily thank you for the KBH seminar. After attending it, I want to practice homeopathy and be the best homeopath like you.

Dr. Makwana M. R., Anand: Today I feel proud to be a homeopath, thank you for such a nice KBH seminar.

Dr. Suvagiya T. B., Anand: First ever inspirational homeopathic seminar. I am motivated to practice my science, thanks for motivating us.

Dr. Ladumor A. S., Samarkha: Thank you for conducting a inspirational KBH seminar.

Dr. Chauhan A. H., Anand: Thank you. Got much new information. It was golden 5 hours I spent here at SHAH.

Dr. Rathod B. J., Vyara: Thank you sir for organizing such a great session. It was really motivating and inspiring.

Dr. Kareliya A., Rajula: Nice seminar. Got much more new information.

Dr. Jambukiya J. A., Vadnagar: Thank you sir. I am really happy after attending KBH seminar and now committed to practice homeopathy.

Dr. Godhani P. S., Anand: Thank you so much sir. I have decided my future that I want to learn from you. Again thanks for arranging the seminar and showing a way to success.

Dr. Narola V. V., Anand: Thank you sir. Many facts which were not clear previously got cleared today through KBH seminar. I want to practice homeopathy.

Dr. Patel J. A., Anand: Sir, KBH seminar was very good. Many doubts were cleared. I feel happy.

Dr. Shekhat N. B., Ahmedabad: It was the best experience in my life. I got inspired and feel proud that I am going to become a “homeopath”. After attending the seminar, many of my doubts of mine got cleared.

Dr. Patel K. H., Baroda: It was a good experience. Got more knowledge about homeopathy.

Dr. Bhomat K. P., Amreli: It was a good experience. Got more knowledge about homeopathy.

Dr. Solanki K. V., Anand: Good explanation given by you sir, that is useful for future of homeopathy. A wonderful experience in KBH seminar.

Dr. Patel S. R., Dakor: I am happy to attend the seminar because many of my confusions got cleared and now I have a clear goal that what I have to do in future. Thank you sir.

Dr. Ratanpara R. H., Bhavnagar: It was a very good KBH seminar. Thank you.

Dr. Chauhan P. A., Umreth: It was a great opportunity to attend your seminar. I am happy that I am here today. I want to learn more and more from you. Thank you for encouraging us.

Dr. Soni J. K., Vidhyanagar: Motivating seminar. Actually I had already decided to do pure homeopathic practice but after attending the seminar I am 100% sure that I will practice homeopathy.

Dr. Sheth A., Aanklaw: I was already looking forward positively for homeopathy. Today’s seminar gave me a clear idea and solved many doubts. Thank you.

Dr. Jadeja S. B., Surendranagar: I am glad to receive this much guidance from you. It was needed and necessary. Now, I am surely committed to homeopathy.

Dr. Parmar P. A.: It was fantastic. I liked it. Thank you for the seminar.

Dr. Garasiya A. N., Rajkot: Today I get motivated through KBH seminar & my confidence is also increased. Thank you.

Dr. Soni SJ. D., Baroda: Very helpful and inspiring seminar. I liked the concept of single remedy prescription. Thank you.

Dr. Gami F. K., Ankleshwar: Good seminar. Got motivated.

Dr. Fatemiya C. P.: Very Nice experience. Got motivated, thank you.

Dr. R. G. Dhanesha: Very good seminar & thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you.

Dr. Bhaliya A. R., Jamnagar: It was really amazing and wonderful experience, many confusions were cleared.

Dr. Katrani D. G., Rajkot: Enjoyed the seminar. I got much knowledge and I want to learn from you sir. Thank you.

Dr. Kheni J. H., Anand: I feel happy that I have attended KBH seminar as it was very useful. This seminar has changed my mind and I have got motivated to practice homeopathy.

Dr. Kothiya A. D., Anand: Good experience. I got inspired. Thank you sir.

Dr. Hirpara V. H., Anand: Good experience, I got inspired; thank you sir.

Dr. Sheladiya S. U., Junagadh: I feel happy to attend such an impressive seminar. Thank you sir.

Dr. Ambaliya V. S., Anand: I am glad after attending seminar, many of my doubts got cleared and I am determined to do homeopathic practice.

Dr. Vichhiya U. K., Anand: It was a nice experience. I want to attend many more seminars by you, thank you.

Dr. Bhuva V. R., Jamjodhpur: Very nice experience in KBH seminar My belief in homeopathy increased. Thank you.

Dr. Rawal P. S., Anand: It was a wonderful seminar that I have ever attended in my life, Thank you sir.

Dr. Gohil N. K., Anand: I feel good after attending seminar.

Dr. Bodar V. B., Anand: Thank you sir for arranging the seminar and giving information regarding homeopathy, I feel best.

Dr. Patel J., Anand: Thank you sir for arranging the seminar and inspiring us.

Dr. Lathiya S., Anand: Seminar was impressive and I am now sure that I will practice homeopathy in future.

Dr. Narola C. B., Anand: First ever seminar which I attended in my life on homeopathic practice. It will be a memorable one, after attending it; I realized that there is great scope in practicing homeopathy. Thank you.

Dr. M. A. Shaliya: After attending this seminar, I got an idea how to proceed further in practice. Thank you.

Dr. Virani U. A., Rajpipla: Thank you, sir, for providing information regarding how bright future one can make with homeopathic practice.

Dr. Mori V. S., Morbi: It was a motivational and inspirational seminar. I thank Dr. Krutik Shah for that. Sir, I request you to please conduct more seminars like this.

Dr. Bhadak K. S.: I am thankful to sir and his team for the seminar and eagerly waiting for such more.

Dr. Patel N. I., Anand: I already wanted to practice homeopathy but there were certain doubts. But after attending the seminar all doubts were cleared. Now I am firm about the same and for these I owe you sir, thank you.

Dr. Ram P. H., Ankleshwar: After attending seminar, I will try my best to practice homeopathy.

Dr. Patel H. A., Himmatnagar: You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for showing us the right path.

Dr. Chauhan G. B., Ankleshwar: You inspired us to do homeopathic practice. Thank you.

Dr. Prajapati D. L., Modasa: Thank you for creating awareness regarding homeopathic treatment and scope for a female homeopath.

Dr. Rathod J. S., Talod: It was a very nice seminar. It was mind changing specially for people who did not believe in homeopathy like me.

Dr. Fefar R. D., Rajula: We learnt many things about homeopathy and a hope have arised for practicing the same.

Dr. Vaghariya R. A., Modasa: Got good information concerned to bright future in homeopathic practice.

Dr. Taiyad S. L., Ahmedabad: One of the best seminar from which I can thoroughly understand about homeopathy.

Dr. Patel M. S., Anand: Very good seminar from which I can understand the importance of Homeopathy.

Dr. Trivedi A. M., Anand: We gained much more knowledge and basic principles of homeopathy and I am sure it will help us in future for practicing homeopathy.

Dr. Kakadiya A. A., Kodinar: A wonderful and amazing experience. I always wanted to practice homeopathy but after attending the seminar, I have become more firm about the practice of Homeopathy. I want to learn from you.

Dr. Savani A. K., Rajkot: I am thankful to you sir for creating a vision among us regarding homeopathic practice.

Dr. Patel N. S., Anand: Really, an amazing experience. I enjoyed the KBH seminar from core of my heart.

Dr. Koladiya H. N., Anand: Thank you sir. You cleared our base and seminar was amazing. Thank you.

Dr. Modha K. A., Anand: Really a good one! Please conduct more such seminars.

Dr. Dodiyar S., Nadiad: Excellent seminar. Gained something new.

Dr. Chaudhari A. G., Anand: After the seminar , I came to know what actual homeopathy is. I want to attend more such seminar.

Dr. Kudhiya M., Anand: Really it was a nice seminar. Got motivated about homeopathic practice.

Dr. Patel R., Baroda: My faith in homeopathy is increased after attending seminar. Now, I want to do homeopathic practice in any condition!!

Dr. Vasava N. D., Ahmedabad: My belief in homeopathy has increased and I want to practice the same.

Dr. Suvagiya D. P., Baroda: Thank you sir. Gained knowledge about many new thingsin today’s KBH seminar.

Dr. Mehta K. V., Anand: I am really glad to attend the seminar. So many questions of mine are solved related to homeopathy. Thank you so much sir.

Dr. Chaudhari H. R., Selvassa: Thank you for giving us proper guidelines, learnt many things from you. Thank you.

Dr. Korat R. K., Rajkot: A very good experience. Confidence is enhanced. Thank you sir.

Dr. B. Malaviya: Very good experience. Felt proud to be a homeopath and thanks for that.

Dr. R. A. Jogani: Sir, you are a wonderful speaker. After attending the seminar, I am feeling proud to be a homeopath.

Dr. Pavara H. A., Surendranagar: Sir, thank you so much for the seminar and for inspiring us. You are a good homeopath and a person too.

Dr. Viradiya S. D., Savarkundala: After attending the seminar, I felt that I want to do classical homeopathy.

Dr. Vasani N., Anand: I liked the seminar so much. Your teaching style is so good and I hope you will continue taking such kind of seminars.