Master Krish Sindhi

- 9 years / Male , UP , India
Name of Disease(s): Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder with Mild Mental Retardation (ADHD with MR)
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 24 Months

My son was suffering from grinding of teeth, putting his fingers in mouth, involuntary urination and delayed physical development. Our pediatrician suggested physiotherapy along with some medicines as there is no specific treatment available for the problem of my son. Getting a reference from our relative who is also Dr. Krutik Shah's patient - We started his treatment and observed excellent recovery in him in about 6 months time & therefore, we had continued his medication. The outstanding results we received approximately in two years from Dr. Shah's treatment, which is actually the great as we haven't expected this much!! Hospital staff has become a part of our family & Dr. Krutik Shah is the hero for my little one! Now, my child wants to be a homeopath like Dr. Shah!!

Mrs. Dhruviben Sharma

- 29 years / Female , UP , India
Name of Disease(s): Chronic Constipation, Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 5 Months

I was suffering from chronic constipation and recurrent urinary tract infection since my pubertal age. I used to take allopathic medicine whenever required as I could not find any other option. Then I started Dr. Krutik Shah's Homoeopathic treatment and I am really pleased with the result of his medicine. I have recommended his treatment to many people & have witnessed good effects in them as well. Thank u so much Dr. Shahji.

Ms. Hinam Punjabi

- 21 years / Female , UP , India
Name of Disease(s): Left shoulder - Mild Sclerosis and Partial Tear
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 4 Months

At the very young age of 21, I was suffering from pain in my left shoulder which was diagnosed as mild sclerosis with partial tear of left shoulder joint without any injury! I and my parents were worried about the complaint, then I was suggested to take treatment from Dr. Krutik Shah by our relatives staying in Anand, and so as I consulted him. Within the treatment of 3 months, my pain was almost gone and I began to do all movement freely with the help of homoeopathy. Thanks to homoeopathy

Mr. Badansingh Khushva

- 29 years / Male , UP , India
Name of Disease(s): Vocal Cord Palsy
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 6 Months

Being a professional singer - I always have a desire to sing whenever I hear music but my voice stopped supporting me due to my vocal cord palsy developed from last year. I used all types of allopathic, lots of Ayurvedic & homemade medicines without much effect & my voice was getting bad to worse with the passage of time. Thanks to Dr. Krutik Shah's homoeopathic treatment through which I got my real voice and I can sing a song

Mr. Firozbhai Malik

- 52 years / Male , UP , India
Name of Disease(s): Cancer Colon
Consultation Type: OPD & IPD Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 9 Months

My message to all the sufferers of this life threatening disease called "cancer of colon" - I want to confirm that there is a hope for such incurable diseases in homeopathy. Dr. Krutik Shah's homoeopathic treatment has given a new ray of hope and happiness in my life. I am slowly recovering and still on treatment. I must say I am impressed the way doctors listen and do analysis after thorough space given to me!.. because most of the diseases are due to stress now a days. Thank u Dr.

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