Delegates Feedback from Dr. Kent’s Homoeopathic Philosophy Clinical Workshop 2016

Dr. D. V. Anand : Outstanding lectures. I am very happy to see that we need to bow down at the burst of Dr. Hahnemann before entering in the Education Hall. It is like we are entering in to the root of Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

Dr. H. S. Anand: Best Lectures ever attended. Atmosphere of the hospital is also very good. I am sure this will be the ideal centre for the Homeopathy in years to come.

Dr. S. K. Anand : Learning was to the Point and Clear in Kent’s Workshop. The topics covered are very important and excellent. Worth Attending it and hoping it to be a beautiful journey in Homeopathy. Most of difficulties are solved.

Dr. V. S. Vidyanagar: This course is something which I wanted from the beginning of my study. Execution of the lectures is very clear. Enjoying homeopathy at its best.

Dr. R. B. Kheda : I liked the course and want to learn more through these lectures to become a homoeopath per excellence. I believe this course can be a source of inspiration & hope for the many homoeopaths like me.

Dr. P. G. Vadodra : Good Course. This will help me to boost up my knowledge about Homeopathy.

Dr. G. P. Kheda : Good way of spreading Homeopathy. Would like to Learn More and More. 

Dr. T. R. Anand : Excellent Exposure to Classical & International Homeopathy. Good way of clinical learning against the tough bookish knowledge from Kent. I want to tell you that, you teach Materia Medica so very well that we can elicit clear remedy picture through your practical cases & therefore, request you to make more & more practical workshops on different subjects of Homeopathy regularly.

Dr. D. D. Anand : Excellent course. A Very good path is now open to learn real Homeopathy.

Dr. S. P. Anand: Very good knowledge which I was not knowing in the field of Homeopathy. Enjoying the lectures very much.

Dr. C .P. Kheda : Good Experience. Very Good Qualitative & Practical Information given in the lectures. Facilities and the efforts of the managements are appreciated.

Dr. K. R. Vadodra : Good workshop that enhanced my knowledge about Homeopathy. It has and will help me to apply my knowledge practically for treating my complex cases.

Dr. P. B. Vadodra: Good way of Learning for Students, Teachers and Practitioners. Practical Understanding & Application of Principles of Homeopathy witnessed here.

Dr. B. S. Anand: Great Course. Very simple language used which is good for learning.

Dr. D. B. Rajkot: It is a good experience for me as to be clear & better with my practical knowledge and with my practice. It has inspired me to learn more about the subject.

Dr. A. P. Khambhat: Nice way of Learning Practical Homeopathy. Environment of Learning & Ambiance of the hospital is also good.

Dr. T. P. Surat : Absolutely Awesome to learn the course as a beginner and improve our practice after guidance from Dr. Krutik Shah Sir.

Dr. J. B. Khambolaj : Sessions were very nice. Enjoyed it very much. It is like this type of Learning was never before.

Dr. V. C. Anand : Best source of Learning. Clear Lectures & Easy Understanding.

Dr. M. V. Rajkot : Great Experience about Homeopathy through this course. Easily understandable language & Clear Perspective.

Dr. R. K. Vadodra: Wonderful learning Experience. Best way of Learning Homeopathy.

Dr. J. Y. Rajkot : I am a learner and my aim of learning is getting fulfilled through this Course. Almost all difficulties are solved through these lectures. Great source for learning as a beginner.

Dr. K. P. Anand : Very good and easy Understandable lectures. My knowledge of homeopathy is getting refined through this course. It is of great practical value. Great cooperation by our coordinator till date.