Delegates Feedback from Kaun Banega Homeopath (KBH)- 2015

Dr. K. M. Dudhiysa, Junagadh: The one word FANTAFABULOUS SEMINAR. I had much confusion about my future but after attending the seminar, I have decided my path. Thank you.

Dr. P. B. Chauhan, Baroda: Thank you for everything today. Please open your IDEAL HOMEOPATHIC COLLEGE and provide education there as enthusiastic students like us, are in real need of it.

Dr. H. H. Meghani, Rajkot: The center is really good for homeopathic Academy. I liked the seminar and I am satisfied as my confusions got cleared. Thank you sir.

Dr. G. J. Gulab: I liked the seminar. I have never seen this type of teaching in any college. I am happy that many of my doubts got cleared, thank you.

Dr. B. B. Satasiya, Amreli: Sir, I really liked the seminar. I had many doubts regarding practice of homeopathy which were cleared during the seminar. I am now clear that I will practice Homeopathy.

Dr. H. P. Rathod, Jamkhambharia: It gave me a new way and a vision about homeopathy; I wish we have one teacher like you who can guide us in a proper way.

Dr. T. G. Kosat, Godhra: Thank you sir. I liked the seminar very much, so many questions of mine were cleared in the seminar. It was very satisfactory and interesting.

Dr. T. B. Ukani, Ukai: Today, I have really enjoyed the seminar. My confidence in homeopathy got increased and doubts were cleared too.

Dr. R. R. Rathod, Anand: I really liked the way you teach. It gave me a new vision towards homeopathy.

Dr. K. K. Patel, Baroda: Topics selected were too good. Thank you.

Dr. M. M. Hirpara, Junagadh: Previously, I wanted to practice allopathy, but after attending your seminar, my thinking is totally changed & I will practice Homeopathy for sure. Thank you.

Dr. A. R. Chodvadiya, Rajkot: I really liked the seminar. I am really happy that I got a new direction for practicing homeopathy. I love homeopathy.

Dr. K. Madhani, Unjha: Whatever doubts I had, they were satisfactorily cleared in the seminar. I felt that I am capable of practicing homeopathy.

Dr. K. Katira, Kosamba: You introduced your thoughts in such a way that they have cleared the future pathway in my mind, thank you for everything.

Dr. D. D. Karangya, Talod: My idea got changed for future practice, thank you.

Dr. K. G. Kothiya, Bhavnagar: I am very happy to meet you sir. My all confusions got cleared, thank you. Now, my aim will be to practice Homeopathy!

Dr. V. S. Jobanputra, Anjar: Superb experience. Today is the great day of my life as I got much more new information regarding our homeopathy from you. I will now focus on Homeopathy & will practice Homeopathy in future.

Dr. J. B. Patel, Sarsa: Fantastic experience, my confidence is increased and now, I am very sure what I am supposed to & going to do in the future.

Dr. R. R. Mavami, Diu: Today I came to know about real meaning of homeopathy. It was really enthusiastic lecture. I am feeling very proud to be the part of the seminar.

Dr. F. A. Dhorat, Ahmedabad: I am very thankful to you sir. The way you teach, is really appreciable. I am so happy after attending the seminar, thank you.

Dr. R. K. Bharpoda, Selvassa: Thank you sir. I really enjoyed the seminar as many of my confusions have got cleared now. Thank you again.

Dr. M. R. Tilala, Gir: Thank you sir. The information you gave is practically useful. I am deeply satisfied & blessed by your teachings!.

Dr. A. L. Hadiya, Surat: I got encouraged after attending the seminar. Thank you, I request you to arrange more such seminar.

Dr. N. M. Babariya, Vapi: I have come for the first time here in your hospital & I am attending your seminar for the first time too. I really appreciate your work for Homeopathy.

Dr. A. R. Pansuriya, Suat: I enjoyed the seminar fully. I am thankful to you sir as many of my doubts regarding homeopathy got cleared.

Dr. N. Vekarya, Rajkot: It was overall a very good seminar. We got an idea about future practice & now, I feel proud that I am going to be a homeopath & will practice Homeopathy!

Dr. P. K. Koladiya, Jamnagar: I am heartily thankful to you sir to spare your precious time and teaching us, many of my confusions got cleared.

Dr. S. R. Ranpariya, Surendranagar: I really liked this seminar; so I would like thank you from bottom of my heart. I want to participate in more such seminars.

Dr. G. M. Prajapati, Anjar: I liked the seminar so much. I hope to see you again in more such seminar, thank you so much.

Dr. F. S. Hathila, Godhra: I enjoyed the seminar, thank you. Yes, I am proud to be a homeopath.

Dr. D. Buha, Gir: I liked the seminar very much & I feel proud now that I am going to be a homeopath.

Dr. N. H. Parmar, Rajkot: I want to thank you from bottom of my heart as many of my doubts got cleared. I am sure now that I will do a good homeopathic practice, thank you.

Dr. V. H. Chaudhary, Surat: It was a fantastic seminar. Thank you for giving us the treasures of homeopathy.

Dr. S. N. SUDANI, Surendranagar: I got much more than what I had expected. I thank god to give me an opportunity to meet you. Thanks a lot sir.