Miss Nisha Savi

- 11 years / Female , Karnataka , India
Name of Disease(s): Thalasemia Major
Consultation Type: E- Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 9 Months

At very young age which is the age of playing & enjoying with friends, I had to stay at the hospital to take treatments which were very painful as I am suffering with Thalasemia Major. I was diagnosed with this disease at the age of 4 months of life and up till now I have to go for blood transfusion regularly. While browsing I found Dr. Krutik Shah's homoeopathic hospital and started homoeopathic medicine. Within 30 days of medication I felt energy within me, I didn't know how. I am still on medication with much better in general health and now need to go for blood transfusion once in two months which I had to go once almost in 15 days before his taking his treatment. Thanks a lot Dr!

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