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New Consultation: Between 6 am to 1 am IST including Sundays.
Old Consultation: Between 9 am to 8 pm IST including Sundays.

1. Your Main Health Problem:

• Please tell us your main & most troubling complain in detail if possible.
• How you have noticed it & according to you, what could be the cause of it? Have you had any Physical &/or Mental stresses around that time?
• What are the factors (food, weather, posture, activities, time, season, etc..) affecting your problems? And how?
• What treatment you are taking/ have taken for this problem & since when?

2. Your Other Health Problem:

Please tell us if you have any other complaints even a minor one, either in any part of your body or in the mind? If yes, then give details of it regarding the factors mentioned above.

3. Previous Medical History:

What major illness, operation, accidents and/or any recurrent problem you had in your life and when? Which medicines you had taken in the past & and for what?

4. Only for Women:

Related to periods:
At what age it is started and stopped (if)? What are the problems or changes in your mind or body before, during or after periods? Do you have any other problems regarding your menses?
Related to pregnancy:
Have you had any medical treatment &/or complications during or after pregnancy? If yes than, please brief it to us!

5. Is There Anything Else, You Want Us To Know About?

6. Please send us your medical documents & files
Only doc, docx, jpg, png or pdf file


1. Thank you for the information given to us. Now, you will receive a confirmation of the appointment very soon.

2. “Health is the first wealth”. Thorough Homeopathic Consultation will take an hour minimum.

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