"We have a mission to serve & promote Hahnemann’s Homeopathy here at Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy - SHAH and to make his words “NON INUTILIS VIXI” in to reality, in a very true way!"

Dr. Hahnemann & Dr. Kent’s Clinical Courses conducted at Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy - SHAH have become the courses of real homeopathic knowledge which will provide an education that will far exceed the technical and strictly "medical" aspect of one's learning. SHAH is the center for the Learning of true Hahnemannian Homeopathy by providing correct and standard information on all the aspects of homeopathy.

Focus of these clinical courses at SHAH is,

1. Provide digestible and understandable knowledge in a simplified clinical way followed by its practical execution on evidence based protocols.

2. To prepare Homeopaths of the high standards who can become “real healers for healing the sick" and pillars of their society.

3. To wipe out the misinformation floating in the ocean of homeopathy in order to have it considered “a science of true healing rather than witch craft or black magic or magic sword or unreachable mystic thing.”

The main criteria for the homeopathic enthusiast to join courses at SHAH should be,

It is understood that a Homeopath is, as always with confusion in understanding different topics and subjects of Homeopathy with lots of difficulties in application but with the strong desire to practice homeopathy!

For them these clinical courses at the SHAH will bring confusion to clarity, timidity to confidence, from unknown to known, from naïve to experience and from negativity to positivity towards Homeopathy for their sacred mission of healing the sick!


Glimpses Of The Dr. Hahnemann & Dr. Kent’s Clinical Training Courses

Out of it Clinical Problems what the Homeopaths are facing in their clinical practice from the beginning till full establishment were identified, understood & scrutinized by Dr. Krutik Shah & his team & ...

then, a clinical course is designed with a sole aim that teaches the practical application from basic to the best of clinical Homeopathy & should solve all the clinical problems what the Homeopaths are facing in his day to day practice, which can be attended comfortably over & above to your professional or practicing hours

Upon successful completion of exams - All the enthusiastic delegates of
Dr. Hahnemann & Dr. Kent Batches shall be honored with

“GOLD MEDAL HAVING YOUR NAME”, Course Certification, Shawl & Badge

at the Annual Ceremony organized on 10th April every year by
Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy – SHAH.

Jai Hahnemann. Jai Homeopathy.