Delegates Feedback from Clinical Materia Medica Seminar Series 2018

Dr. Hingu J., Vyara:  We are learning the medicines in best possible way. Fantastic & Fully Satisfied...

Dr. Lakhani K., Jamnagar: All the sessions were very interesting with core explanation of each every remedy with clear & comprehensive study of its evolution & psychological aspect. I would advice if we can have written documentary material of the fabulous lectures taken, would be great...

Dr. Raval J. V., Ahmedabad: All the lectures of Clinical Materia Medica Series were very good & it was very easy to understand. Especially the learning of Graphites with its mental aspect from here actually helped me to cure a case... Thank you for everything Sir!!

Dr. Patel S. G., Bhuj: I can understand the remedies now more clearly & connect it to the real life. Living Homeopathy now!!

Dr. Soni J., Ankleshwar: All the sessions where very good in which we were able to co-relate medicine’s Mental, Emotional & Physical aspects & to see it wholistically. It was quite good. Worth Attending!!

Dr. Diwan R. F., Kodinar: We have very well understood all medicines in detail in the CMMSS, thank you.

Dr. Thakkar K. B., Nadiad: Totally Satisfied.

Dr. Gupta M. U., Bhavnagar: After this series; I have great confidence in the using the remedies of our Materia Medica. Thank you.

Dr. Patel H., Anand: It was good experience. I must say that we have learnt something new every time in CMMSS.

Dr. Khushwala A. J., Anand: It was very informative and         comprehensive. Thank you Dr. Krutik sir for making it very simple for us. Now I enjoy learning Materia Medica’s Medicine.

Dr. Rathod S., Morbi: Through this way of learning; we are able to differentiate the images of medicines looking similar from outside & also very well understood the reasons behind the symptoms.

Dr. Takkar N. H., Dahod: Very good way of learning materia medica.

Dr. Rachana., Rajpipla: Remedies taken in CMMSS were of totally difference flavors & therefore enjoyed the same. Thank you, sir!

Dr. Tiwari P., Karamsad: Remedies with live examples of case were very useful to understand the drug picture. Able to imbibe the substance and clear understanding is developed.

Dr. Sheth A., Palitana: Live session and videos both were nice, the connection and reasons behind symptoms are now clear and I understood it easily.

Dr. Tiwari P. S., Bhuj: All the Lectures were good & understandable. In each remedy lecture, some personality gets clear and we can match it with some known people of our life. Satisfied with this type of learning.

Dr. Joshi K., Vapi: We can see the medicine at another level and can understand materia medica very well.

Dr. Rathod S. K., Anand: Through this way of learning, we are able to understand reason behind the symptoms of a remedy as “Symptoms are the outward reflection of the internal derangement!”

Dr. Chudasuma V., Amreli: I like your style or method of delivering the lecture of materia medica. I always learn something new whenever I learn from you.

Dr. Ginga J. K., Kodinar: Thank you. Medicines of Materia Medica Series are very well understood.

Dr. Chaudhari H. R., Baroda: We have thoroughly enjoyed the method of learning the remedies.

Dr. Thakkar K. S., Anand: One ward for Clinical Materia Medica Seminar Series is “Satisfied”.

Dr.  Sheladiya U., Rajkot: All the CMS seminars were very good & enjoyed it thoroughly.

Dr. Khahrani D., Aanklav: It was very good experience to attned your CMMSS.

Dr. Prajapati K.Y., Bhiloda: Inspirational & Feel Good to learn like this from you in Materia Medica Series.

Dr. Raval J. V., Surendranagar: All the sessions of M.M. were good enough to understand all the medicines.

Dr. Chauhan P. A., Koyali: All medicines are well explained and I am satisfied by lectures. Thank you sir.

Dr. Jobanputra P., Anand: A very good experience. Must for all!

Dr. Diwan R. F., Anand: Thoroughly Satisfied & Highly inspired.

Dr. Gupta M. U., Anand: Having good experience with materia medica seminar series,thank you.

Dr. Raval P. S., Ankleshwar: A wonderful seminar series. I enjoyed it so much.

Dr. Sheth A., Anand: Perceived same remedies with the logic and connection between all symptoms which was very much missing before! Thank you.

Dr. Patel S. G., Bhavnagar: Good seminar. The Understanding of remedies is now much better. A big Thank you, sir.