Mrs. Bakulaben Patel

- 46 years / Female , , Dubai
Name of Disease(s): Hay Fever & Photodermatitis (Sun Allergy)
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 9 Months

I started taking medicines having a thorough consultation with Dr. Krutik Shah and within 1 week, I noticed a difference in my allergic cough and coryza symptoms, and within 2 - 3 weeks time - I felt it was helping me in my sun sensitivity too! I was actually suffering more or less due to these problems but this time regularly but it has been almost 8 months now and I did not have a single sign of allergy or sun sensitivity in this duration. It has truly been a miracle in my life. I would recommend Dr. Krutik Shah and Homoeopathy to everyone. Thank you very much

Mrs. Ripal Shah

- 29 years / Female , , Dubai
Name of Disease(s): Acidity, Dysmenorrhoea
Consultation Type: OPD Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 6 Months

I was suffering from severe acidity since my college years & taking pain killer medicines for my painful menstruation every month used to aggravate my acidity from bad to worse which was a terrible situation for me to live with. I opted for homeopathy as I have not found any permanent solutions of my problems in Allopathy. After taking medicines for 6 months from Mr. Krutik Shah - My Acidity is almost gone and I have 80% relief in my painful periods & made me to be a very positive person. This is all because of homeopathy, Dr. Krutik Shah & his team!

Ms. Kanisha Patel

- 16 years / Female , , Dubai
Name of Disease(s): Eczema, Recurrent Tonsillitis and Bronchial Asthma
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 11 Months

My daughter was suffering from a very bad eczema with severe dryness & itching, can bleed as well if she scratches severely. Also she had recurrent tonsil problem & in a year or two later, she developed Bronchial Asthma. I have given antibiotics, anti-allergic medicines, pumps, lotions & even steroids whenever needed in her such a young age. Then I started homeopathic medicines for her from Dr. Shah & with his homeopathic medicines - she was relieved in her eczema complain up to 80% & tendency of having asthmatic attacks have been reduced magnificently & Tonsillitis is now gone permanently. I have noticed a positive change in her behavior also as I feel, she became a mature person after taking these medicines even though she is only 10 years old. Thank you Dr. Shah and his team!

Mr. Mohammed Zaid Thakor

- 21 years / Male , , Dubai
Name of Disease(s): Angio-oedema and Urticaria
Consultation Type: E- Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 3 Months

At the age of 21, an average male used to see stars in sky generally but I was falling on earth due to this melting type of illness. It started suddenly and I used to get swelling, itching and burning over any part of body but lips were the real seat of my problems. Summers were like make me to feel a prisoner due to my excessive sensitivity to heat especially staying here in Dubai. But due to my past good karma, I fortunately met Dr. Krutik Shah and within 15 days of treatment I was 25% better and now 80% better.

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