Delegates Feedback from Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine Clinical Workshop 2014-15

Dr. Buha D., Gir: I'm very happy attaining this course as it was really an amazing experience. My path of homeopathy starts from here. In the Sai hospital, I was saw how homeopathy works with one single dose of similimum remedy & how cure take place! I always get more then my expectation from this hospital. Thank you Dr. Krutik Shah Sir. This course was very affordable as we have received much more than I expected.

Dr. Pansuriya N., Junagadh: This course has changed my vision for homeopathy. Now I shall be able to practice homeopathy on the basis of this course. I feel myself lucky after that I have attended this course. I am really thankful to Dr. Krutik Shah for such a wonderful teaching & wish him best of luck to continue the journey of spreading homeopathy.

Dr. Chhatrala K., Keshod: It was very sad & unfortunate feeling for me that the course got completed so early but I must say that, I really felt that homeopathy is so easy to learn and to apply the knowledge of Organon and Materia Medica in practice. Learning organon is one of the best parts of this course because there are lots of secrets in our Hahnemann's Organon which I understood after learning from Dr. Krutik Shah. Now I believed that our homeopathy has the ability to cure the very many diseases.  Thank you

Dr. Patel D., Mahuva: When I was in UG, I decided to practice homeopathy but I didn't had any proper guidance. But after joining this course, now I feel that I know the real Hahnemannian Homeopathy. This course is like bridge for me to reach our father Dr. Hahnemann. Here I learn lots of new things which we are not getting from collage. Thank you to Dr. Krutik Shah for this great experience.

Dr. Savaliya G., Amreli: It is very good experience at Sai Homeopathic Hospital. Dr. Krutik Shah is very cooperative & friendly but he is one of the most dedicated homeopaths I have ever seen in my life & I see him as is my real homeopathic inspiration. He has cleared all my doubts regarding homeopathy. Today whatever knowledge I have for homeopathy, is only because of Dr. Krutik Shah. Thank You so much Sir.

Dr. Satasiya B., Kodinar: Samuel Hahnemann hall is very fantastic creation by Dr Krutik Shah. This course is life changing for me as Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital is one of the wonderful places to learn real homeopathy, through live case taking & follow-ups. For homeopathy, he makes so much effort is very appreciated. Thank you Dr Krutik Shah to give me the opportunity learn homeopathy from you.

Dr. Hathila F., Dahod: It was very nice experience at sai homeopathic hospital. Environment of the hospital is very dynamic and peaceful for all homeopaths as well as patient. To understand organon for me it's very difficult task, But Dr. Krutik Shah makes it very easy using simple language. Learning Materia Medica from him is like unseen and unheard before! I'm very lucky to attain this course. Thank you to Dr. Krutik Shah.

Dr. Patel K., Surat: This course is very beautifully design for all homeopaths. I practically learn here how to take proper case taking, follow up, how to repertories the case: .etc. learning from here, is far beyond bookish knowledge which we are getting from collage.  I'm very happy to learn pure homeopathy. Sai Homeopathic hospital is the very good place to learn homeopathy & I wish I learn more from you in future. Thank you Dr. Krutik Shah for this great experience.

Dr. Joshi K., Amreli: Dr. Krutik Sir's Organon Course has increased my love for homeopathy. Here only I saw that how similimum work in a difficult acute case, how to handle this type of patient. Enthusiastic & dedication towards Homeopathy from Dr. Krutik Shah is very impressive. He has brought my knowledge to the upper level through this course. I am very satisfied to complete this course. Thank you Dr. Krutik Shah.

Dr. Jayshwal J., Surat: This course is like my base of career. The real meaning of “Homeopathy”, I learn from here. This period is life changing for me. Art of taking case is very beautiful which I learn the best from here & this is an excellent course for all enthusiastic homeopaths who wish to learn Organon of Medicine as well as willing to practice homeopathy!  I wise to learn more from Dr Krutik Shah Sir.         

Dr. Jamtani J., Veraval: This is the best way to spread homeopathy in the world. I am happy to see that you encourage students for practicing homeopathy. This course is very fabulous and it has given me lots of information about the real and pure homeopathy. Here you can learn practical homeopathy. Thank you to Sir.

Dr. Hadiya A., Surat: SHAH is the place that provides individual chance to enhance their skills. You can see the live cases & follow up. Now I'm much confidant that I can do practice homeopathy. This course changes my career. Now I feel proud that I am a Homeopath! Thank you to Dr. Krutik Shah to give me a chance to learn Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

Dr. Rathwa M., Chhotta udepur: At SHAH, my First Step towards practicing homeopathy has begun. What is real homeopathy is what, I have learnt only from here! This training prepares me to fight against opponents to Homeopathy. I feel extremely lucky to have wonderful and cooperative faculty & to be in such an environment that grooms us so well for our career goals. Now I feel proud that my born is defiantly for homeopathy. Thank you.

Dr. Shukla K., Junagadh: The knowledge and support I received from Sai Homeopathic Hospital is marvelous. In this course the most things I like is, every concept is explain in very depth and simple manner. This is very easily to learn homeopathy. This to me, was a affordable and good option & so as can be for all homeopaths. Thank you Dr. Krutik Shah Sir.

Dr. Madhani K., Rajkot: I have so many doubts and confusion about the homeopathy. Because in our collage we only get the theoretical knowledge but here you can see the how actual cure is take place with the similimum and how to handle the different types of patients. It was my memorable experience with the Sai Homeopathic Hospital for this course. Thank you to Dr. Krutik Shah

     Dr. Savaliya S., Surat: Actually from here only, I know what is homeopathy. I got the idea that how homeopathic remedy work. After joining here I know how organon is important in our day to day practice. Now I'm very confident to do practice homeopathy. I'm very thankful to Dr. Krutik Shah Sir to teach us this real and pure homeopathy.

     Dr. Prajapati G., Anand: For the new students & new beginner homeopaths, Sai Homeopathic Hospital is one of the best to learn real Hahnemannian homeopathy. Environment of the hospital is very dynamic and peaceful. The expectation I had from this center proved to be correct. Thank you to Dr. Krutik Shah Sir & wish you all the best to continue journey of spreading homeopathy.

     Dr. Hirpara M., Jasdan: I have spent some of the happiest and memorable time of my life at SHAH. It was very helpful to archiving my career goal. The homely environment, dedicated sir and co-operative senior make me feel that I'm selected exact and best place for learning homeopathy. Dr. Krutik Shah is very dedicated person. His effort really encourages me very much. Thank you.

    Dr. Surti A., Surat: I really appreciate Dr Krutik Shah who started this course for all dedicated homeopaths. I feel confidant & proud after attending this course. Here I saw how homeopathy works with the single remedy. This course is very fantastic. It was very good experience. I'm thankful to Dr. Krutik Shah.

     Dr. Chaudhri V., Surat: Before entering into the world of homeopathy, I had an impression that homeopathy is very difficult to understand but after finishing this course - I proved wrong as all my concepts & my doubts got clear. Now I can confidently say that “I am proud to be a homeopath”. I'm very thankful to Dr. Krutik Shah Sir to give me change to learn homeopathy from him.