Service To Society

Service to Humanity is service to Saibaba

A Man made from earth will go in earth only!

When a child takes birth on earth, the first cloth what he wears has no pocket in to it & while going from earth, the last cloth what he wears equally has no pocket in to it!

As a part of our mission for healing the sick – Free homeopathic consultation & treatment is available in order to serve the poorest poor of the country with homeopathy. We are taking their best possible care by providing free of charge treatment by arranging homeopathic camps in the remote rural areas where expenses of the said projects have been financed by our donors to whom we thank wholeheartedly for their benevolent support and services.

Full Day Homeopathic Medical Camps are organized by the team of Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital from 11 am to 5 pm in the rural Areas, where only 25 patients registered to us having their prior appointments, are thoroughly examined homeopathically & treated free of charge by a team of 5 Homeopaths in the whole day once a month, in order to give them the best qualitative care homeopathically.

These patients will be followed up by the same doctor who has taken the case regularly throughout the tenure of treatment. They are being treated absolutely free throughout during their tenure of treatment.

We are planning to make this opportunity available to Dr. Hahnemann & Dr. Kent’s clinical course students in the near future, will enable us to have more visits in the rural areas for our mission of healing the sick.