• Concept

In our family, the way all the male members like father, uncle or brother & female members like mother, aunt or sister structurally looks the same from outside – All the remedies in our homeopathic family structurally look same from outside, as they contain more or less similar symptoms like headache, bodyache, fever, loss of appetite or sleeplessness etc.

But if we perceive our family member’s internally i.e. respecting their nature, eating hobbies viz. desires & aversions, evolution of their life respecting different events and struggles including previous medical illnesses suffered, will make them unique in the our family & so as the same is, with the different remedies of our homeopathic family.

• Logic

Symptoms are the outward reflections of the internal derangement of the Vital Force. Understanding their internal derangement responsible for the outward reflections of symptoms will definitely make them unique in our homeopathic universe.

As Dr. Hahnemann has said in the footnote of 117th aphorism, "Each & every remedy is unique and irreplaceable. There are no surrogates." Similarly, Dr. Allen has said that "We should know our remedies as our best friends or worst enemies as they are the living beings in the Homeopathic world!”

• Focus

Clinical Materia Medica Seminar Series will give you an understanding of the internal state of the 35 Polychrest remedies and reasons for their expression of keynote symptoms in a very logical and clinical way which will make you to understand & remember these remedies for the lifetime.

Jai Hahnemann. Jai Homeopathy.