Ms. Nidhi Patel

- 27 years / Female , Toronto , Canada
Name of Disease(s): Anxiety Neurosis & Panic Attacks
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 9 Months

I feel 50% better overall. Feeling of sadness, depression had shown 60- 70% improvement in these 6 months of treatment. Suicidal thoughts are there but very rare and my anxiety has decreased markedly. Acute panic attacks have reduced up to 90%. Thanks & lots of love to you sir for the wonderful treatment as I am very grateful to receive your treatment. Will surly come to see you in person once I come to India

Mr. Virendrabhai Gandhi

- 46 years / Male , Toronto , Canada
Name of Disease(s): Vitiligo/Leucoderma
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 19 Months

I had no family history of it but still I was suffering from the most embarrassing disease, that was Vitiligo; but thanks to Dr. Krutik Shah who helped me to earn my prestige again in society by curing my disease and giving me the best advice about living a life with esteem. Being an NRI, I have seen many excellent allopathic hospitals here as well as in other countries but functioning & patient care of your Sai Hospital & that too in homeopathy, actually supersede every sight of my past experiences of other hospitals

Mrs. Binal Patel

- 40 years / Female , BritishColumbia , Canada
Name of Disease(s): Suicidal Depression from chronic stress, Acidity and Tropical Eosinophilia
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 12 Months*

I was suffering from severe depression due to certain reasons without having any desire to live life as it was a very tough situation for me to cope up with. Along with that I had problem of acidity and recurrent dry cough for which I had taken local allopathic treatment but had not much improvement. Therefore, I opted for an alternative treatment in the form of Homeopathy from Dr. Krutik Shah. Due to his homeopathic treatment I had almost 70% relief in my depression & my acidity and dry cough problem has never appeared again in my life till date. This has happened only because of the help from Dr. Shah and his team. Thank you so much to them!

Mr. Deepak Patel

- 54 years / Male , Ontario , Canada
Name of Disease(s): Schizophrenia
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 16 Months

I was having severe depression from the stress of my life which I was not sharing it to anybody as it was affecting my mental balance. I was living in a constant state of confusion even though I was taking psychiatrist medicines for so many years. Opting an alternative & with my friend's recommendation, finally I consulted Dr. Shah. After a long consultation & talking to him for my life & problems - I felt relieved. His medicines worked for my problem just like blessings. I have come out from my depressive and schizophrenic state, living healthy & happy life without any allopathic medicine! Homeopathy is truly a hope for hopeless & help for helpless!

Mrs. Jaynika Patel

- 38 years / Female , , Canada
Name of Disease(s): Headache, Psoriasis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lactose Intolerance, Diabetes Mellitus
Consultation Type: E-Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 12 Months

First, I was suffering from severe headache since my childhood & I had taken a lot of allopathic medicines for that but I was not able to get rid of it permanently. Second, I also had psoriasis which was very itchy and weather of Canada was one of the main aggravating factors for my problem. Third, I was not able to drink milk as I used to get problems in my digestion whenever I drink it. For these three problems, I wanted a permanent solution for it as I was so frustrated because of it in-spite of taking regular allopathic medications from the doctors here in Canada. For that I met Dr. Krutik Shah and after his treatment for almost a year in total - I am not only very well able to digest milk now, but also I am 60% better in my skin problem & never had that much severe headache till date with his homeopathic treatment. Thanks to Sai Homeopathic Hospital for treating me, and I always refer homeopathy to my relatives for their complaints.

Mr. Parth Bhatt

- 32 years / Male , Toronto , Canada
Name of Disease(s): Hoarseness of voice & Throat Infections
Consultation Type: E- Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 5 Months

My heartfelt gratitude for Dr. Krutik Shah for giving me 70% relief in my hoarseness which I had suffered for 2 1/2 years along with recurrent throat infection at every change of weather. After 15 days of my treatment, I was 30% better in my voice problem. And at the end of 4 months, I am 80% better in total with freshness and liveliness in life.

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Homeopathy is the Hope for Hopeless and Help for Helpless

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