Mrs. Vidhi Patel

- 32 years / Female , , Darussalam
Name of Disease(s): Migraine, Acne and Loss of Libido
Consultation Type: OPD Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 6 Months

I was having terrible migraine since last 10 years as managing my life between the roles of a mother and a working woman was very difficult & due to it, my headache was so strong that I had to take painkiller almost every time. I had opted for Homeopathy as a lost hope as I had tried many other medicines but didn't work. Apart from migraine - I also had complains of acne & was also suffering in my married life following the delivery of my 2nd child. Then I started homeopathic treatment from Dr. Shah & in my treatment for 6 months, I witnessed a lot of improvement in my migraine problem & genuine benefit in all my other health concerns too. This all happened because of choosing for homeopathy. Thanks to Dr. Shah and his team!

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