Mission & Vision

Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy - SHAH

Since the Inception of Homeopathy – Organon of Medicine, Materia Medica, Repertory & even Remedies have evolved with the passage of time, like all other medical sciences but our Pioneers like Dr. Hahnemann, Dr. Kent & all others, were able to get excellent results with qualitative consistence even without the advantage of technology & became highly successful at that time, but why we have not been able to do so with equal qualitative consistence now, even with the advantage of technology?

We know for sure, that we are not! Then what is the reason for such a fall especially when we know that homeopathy is based on eternal laws of nature?

The answer is “Wrong Application of our Principles!”

Homeopathy is rich in the literature but becomes poor when it comes to application! Homeopathy is too frequently blamed because of the mistake of Homeopath where failure of a person must not be considered as failure of the science.

1. Homeopathy is the only medical science has two spellings i.e. Homeopathy & Homeopathy and both are valid even till today!


2. Since the Inception of our science – We have a major problem of “not having standardized literature”. We have many Materia Medicas, Many Repertories for different types of cases & even many books published with a title “Text Book of Organon of Medicine” than which author is authentic & to what extent?

Which set of books we should read & follow in our career?

3. Quality education at the Institutional Level worldwide is going bad to worse as the homeopathic subjects that are supposed to be understood on patients in clinical practice, but there is no such practical homeopathic education on the cases showing the fundamentals of homeopathy. Clinical topics that are supposed to be taught on the patients are being taught in class rooms!

How far this is justified for quality education in homeopathy?

4. There are different methods / schools of practice in Homeopathy and all are developing successfully with their own theories, then who is right? Again Confusion! If experts of different schools in Homeopathy take a common case then, they all will come up with a different simillimum!

But, as per the teachings of Dr. Hahnemann – “Simillimum is one!” than who is right & to what extent? Again a confusion!

5. Most of the homeopathic seminars & workshops are attended by the enthusiastic students & beginners of Homeopathy primarily but unfortunately unlike Allopathy, The major drawback of our science is, these seminars & workshops are organized without any specific professional experience tenure or educational limitation for the said Homeopathic Enthusiasts.

Theme of the seminars are such that they primarily convey the message about “Strength of Homeopathy in Difficult, Dangerous & life Threatening Cases” which is very good to attend but how many such type of cases they get in their practice especially amongst the said homeopathic community? To the best of my knowledge, I have not seen even a single seminar in my career teaching the said group how to treat simple acute or chronic diseases giving basic clinical understanding in Homeopathy which we very much frequently encounter in our routine practice like Fevers, Acute Otitis, Acute Tonsillitis, Chronic Coryza, Allergic Rhinits or Migraines etc. which conveys the message that it was “Organized to Impress & not to Inspire” as the appetite of the said group is different than what has been fed to them!”

6. "Dare to be Wise." To an extent I can say that; I have seen many homeopaths who are doing something different in their clinical practice & showing something totally different in the seminars!

Problem is that, we don’t have authorities or governing councils worldwide which can design a set of literature or college(s) or school(s) of homeopathy to be considered as an original & authentic for the academics in Homeopathic fraternity globally.

As mentioned above, I faced many problems while studying Homeopathy & eventually,
while reading a book "Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann by Dr. T. L. Bradford"
– I came across a wonderful quote,

Scholar whom scholars honored an respected,
Physician whom physicians feared,
Philologist with whom philologists dreaded to dispute,
Chemist who taught Chemists,
Philosopher whom no adversity or honor had power to change


This stanza touched me deeply & then eventually, I decided to meet my (our) father Dr. Samuel Hahnemann first, no one else should come in between! Then, I started reading from the original books of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann carefully having medical & language dictionaries beside me, and slowly all the points which were confusing me were getting illuminated &
then, I started reading contributions of all the great homeopaths of our science with good clarity of concept, and ended up with a very fruitful outcome on its clinical application being fortunate enough creating the historic milestone i.e. 1st Homeopathic Private Hospital in the state of Gujarat State which is the latest, largest & most modern technological development in the history of homeopathy till date in the state of Gujarat.

As a Homeopath having experienced the following lines of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – I can only say that, beginning in the field of Homeopathy is very tough as it requires tremendous dedication and passion to learn Homeopathy. It will surely have seemingly fruitless outcome on initial basis but slowly & steadily, Homeopath will be able to see the brighter side and then you will witness the Heaven of Homeopathy receiving the best of health, wealth & prosperity both in the life and career what a human being need for their higher purpose of existence.

Quote for the Homeopath By Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

I must warn the homeopath that indolence, love of ease and obstinacy precludes effective service at the altar of truth, and only freedom from prejudice and untiring zeal qualify for the most sacred of all human occupations, the practice of the true system of medicine. The physician who enters on his work in this spirit becomes directly assimilated to the Divine Creator of the world, whose human creatures he helps to preserve, and whose approval renders him thrice blessed

- Preface to the 1st Edition of Organon of Medicine

The best & the easiest way to learn practical homeopathy is, to sit with an experienced homeopath for considerable time & learn Hahnemannian Homeopathy as “practical learning is the real reading!” but:

1. How many genuine & dedicated practicing homeopaths following fundamentals of homeopathy we have in our town or in close vicinity? May be very few!

2. And in to that, as we know that Homeopathic Consultation needs Privacy & Individualistic approach as “no two cases are alike” – How many “Open Homeopaths” willing to show their (live) cases to the developing homeopaths especially considering the fact that we have very large group of budding homeopaths & a very short list of dedicated open Homeopaths who have really digested the skills of homeopathic Practice to teach real Homeopathy!

I was fortunate enough to have the teachings of the Alternative Nobel Laureate Legend Homeopath Prof. George Vithoulkas, Greece to understand & meet Dr. Samuel Hahnemann dynamically & like me, I wish you all should also go at the lotus feet Dr. Samuel Hahnemann & follow him strictly as Dr. Hahnemann’s School of Homeopathy is the biggest and best school of Homeopathy in the world, which also is the base of all the schools available serving Homeopathic education today!

Vision of the Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy - SHAH is to take the legacy of Hahnemann’s Homeopathy like the mission of our homeopathic legends, respectfully in a right way for the future generations, for their Divine Mission of Healing the Sick. We envision developing a centre for research and statistics in Homeopathy based on internationally validated protocols here.

Mission of SHAH is to impart systematic and intensive clinical training under the expertise of the team to the zealous & enthusiastic homeopaths, thereby bridging the gap between formal Homeopathic education and clinical practice. Mission of the academy will be to give long term quality homeopathic clinical education from the Basic to the Best of Hahnemannian Homeopathy, & to take them brighter, higher & stronger in the field of Homeopathy as Dr. Hahnemann says, “You are not a better Homeopath if you take case well; you are a better Homeopath if you manage the case well!”

"We have a mission to serve & promote Hahnemann’s Homeopathy here at Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy - SHAH and to make his words “NON INUTILIS VIXI” in to reality, in a very true way!"

Jai Hahnemann. Jai Homeopathy.