Kaun Banega Homeopath - KBH ? is a seminar series, being organized once a year since 2013, primarily focusing to the Students, Interns & Budding Homeopaths inspire them to practice Homeopathy!!

The motto of the seminar is to prevent the budding Homeopaths going away from Homeopathy, simply because of some of their serious misconceptions related to Homeopathy due to whatever reasons remain unsolved; eventually their confusion instead of getting solution becomes frustration, resulting in to diversion which finally leads to destruction!

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1. Dangerous Future of Allopathic (GP) Practice for a Qualified Homeopath

80% of Students & Homeopaths decide to do Allopathic (GP) Practice without thinking thoroughly & logically before taking such a big decision of their lives!! Most probably they are misguided by the present situation of their career & life.

Using SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis comparing Homeopathic Practice versus Allopathic Practice for Qualified Homeopaths – This Seminar will show you “How the future of Allopathic Practice (GP) is highly limited with full of struggles & a lot of risks involved throughout the whole life against highly luxurious, totally stress free & extremely lucrative career and life practicing Homeopathy in all aspects, for the lifetime both as a human being & as a homeopath!”

You can earn the money which you have lost but you cannot earn the time which you have spent. We all know that you know Homeopathy as you have invested 5½ years of your life but some barriers are there which you are not able to break through to pursue homeopathic career which had troubled us too at certain stage of our career, which actually is the mission of this seminar! I shall be more than happy to receive your questions for the public discussions in the seminar as decision following the healthy discussion is always better than the opposite.

Please write to us in a form given below the list of questions you are facing as a confusion that will be answered in the KBH seminar.

2. Potential future of a Married Female Homeopath Desiring to Practice

Daughters are the heart of their parents living outside their body. It is because of the greatest efforts & sacrifices of parents, their daughters have become Doctors. The biggest worry of every parent is what will be the future & career of my daughter after getting married?

Using SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis – This seminar will show you how a daughter can easily balance her life & career practicing Homeopathy & how she will be able to handle her problems by herself using Homeopathy, not only giving less worries to her parents but can prove in the society that she can be the best combination of daughter + wife + daughter in law + mother + successful homeopathic doctor & a proud human being in one!

Homeopathic Colleges especially in India has Female to Male Ratio 70:30 approximately. Homeopathy is a science of emotions & care primarily which belongs to supreme ability of a female as substance. Female usually will have to change the city, family, culture & even country after getting married which sometimes become a reason for her bad to worst experiences in post married life, either physically or psychologically; either personally or professionally etc.. & in such situation, female has the biggest blessings called “Homeopathy” which not only will help to safeguard her life but her family too without anyone’s support!

Please write to us in a form given below the list of questions you are facing as a confusion that will be answered in the KBH seminar.

Jai Hahnemann. Jai Homeopathy.