Master Rudra Patel

- 4 years / Male , Nariobi , Kenya
Name of Disease(s): Recurrent Pharyngitis
Consultation Type: OPD Consultation
Duration of Treatment: 4 Months

My son had so much coughing problem since his age of 14 months almost five to six times a year & I was worried about his health. I had tried so much allopathic medicines + homemade remedies for him but I couldn't find any permanent solution. Then my gynecologist brother referred us to homeopathic treatment from Dr. Krutik Shah & since then, I have witnessed drastic improvement in the health of my son. It was magical for me to see such good improvement in just 4 months treatment which he was suffering from a few years. I am very thankful to Dr. Shah and his team to give this homeopathic cure to my son

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