Dr. Diwan A. G., Dahod: Thoroughly Satisfied & Highly inspired.

Dr. Sheth B., Anand: Perceived Cross references of similar rubrics with much clarity, logic and connection between all of them, which was much missing before! Thank you.

Dr. Prajapati K. G., Godhara: What I can say about the course only in one line is, “The Spirit of Kent I felt in the Repertory Course!”But I request you sir that, please give us more different types of rubrics & how to use them in “Repertory Course – 2”... Thank you.

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Dr. Padaliya A. M., Vapi: Thank you sir for showing us the real value of Repertory, we enjoyed it. This course is the must for all.

Dr. Gupta M. U., Virpur: Having good experience of Dr. Hahnemann’s Clinical Organon Course – Repertory course is even better and understood the clinical application of it.

Dr. Thakkar K.: “Drink Repertory!!” – in one word feedback for the course.

Dr. Chudasuma V., Amreli: I like your style & method of delivering the lecture enabled me to learn rubrics in a liquid way. I always learn something new whenever I come to you.

Dr. Raval J. V., Surendranagar: All the Rubrics were good enough to understand with relevant medicines but the most I liked was “Ailments From…” as we are living in the present era of Mental Emotional Issues & Diseases.

Dr. Tiwari P. S., Vapi: All the Lectures were good & understandable. Each rubric explained with examples make the learning very clear. Satisfied with this type of learning.

Dr. Joshi K., Bhuj: We can live the rubrics by learning it at another level and can understand repertory very well though this course.

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Dr. Patel S. G., Vyara: Good Course overall. The Rubrics are well-explained. I can understand its clinical point of view and can also co-relate with Materia Medica.

Dr. Jobanputra P., Jamnagar: Just one word feedback for the course - “Fabulous”.

Dr. Joshi K. G., Jamjodhpur: I learnt satisfactorily from the whole course, especially about practical use of rubrics in clinical practice, thank you.

Dr. Tiwari P., Ahmedabad: Fantastic learning, Very happy. Thank you.

Dr. Patel S. R., Anand: All the lectures were very useful for me. I understood that how to take a proper case & find a perfect rubric for the case.

Dr. Gupta M. U., Anand: Had good experience with Repertory Course, Thank you.

Dr. Raval P. S., Ankleshwar: A wonderful seminar series. I enjoyed it so much.

Dr. Patel S. G., Bhavnagar: Good Series. The Understanding of Rubrics is now much better. A big Thank you, sir.

Dr. Jobanputra P., Viramgam: Good & satisfactory experience and very nice explanation of all the lectures of different topics.

Dr. Kushwala A. J., Rajkot: Though the entire course was satisfactory but what I liked the most out of all is, very nice understanding of a big Rubric “Ailments From….”. Thanks sir.

Dr. Diwan R. F., Bhalej: I understood & enjoyed the learning of all rubrics in detail, thank you.

Dr. Bhavsal N., Anand: It was very good course and useful for me. Thank you.

Dr. Chauhan P. A.: Satisfied by these lectures. It is good to learn by interaction with you sir. Thank you sir.

Dr. Rathod S. K., Anand: Through this way of learning, we are able to understand logic of such rubrics & also the reasons behind the symptoms of a remedy. Good Course.

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Dr. Gupta M. U.: With your experience - we can know about our mistakes and failures in taking rubrics. I wish to know your struggles in your career & your experience, so that we can also get solutions about those questions in order to become a blooming homeopath of future...

Dr. Raval J. V.: Satisfied by these 6 days lecture on Homeopathy. Best was the remedy Ailments From….. Thank you so much sir.